Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Gemini woman and Cancer man

Even if Gemini woman and Cancer man are tightly bound by an invisible bond in any situation.

Junka∞Akitokimi will divine your romance, love, compatibility, and the future.

We reveal the facts related to sensuality with him/her who can not hear directly to him/her now.

●The compatibility divination of Gemini woman and Cancer man

If the desire to possess of Cancer man and the feeling of seeking freedom of Gemini woman collide, the dreams of two people will be crushed without survival

There are actually two people in the Gemini woman, and although one can be satisfied with being in the castle near the lover, the other wishes to run around the grassland freely.

Cancer man gets cranky when you notice this.

Cancer man will blame the Gemini woman and will be locked in a dark basement.

And he may keep on waiting for her to take him outside.

In order for Gemini woman and Cancer man to have happiness together, Gemini woman must acquire perseverance and Cancer man must acquire adaptability.

Gemini woman is not good at perseverance and Cancer man is easily changed feeling.

In order for them to have happiness, devotion love and effort will be required.

●Characteristics of Gemini woman

Gemini woman often forgets important things.

She forgets even the existence of Cancer man who shut himself up in the shell.

Gemini woman is not without memory. She is curious and has an interest in various things, so she even pushes her lover into a corner of her heart.

Even so, she should remember the existence of Cancer man after a while.

When she gets anxious and worried, the face of a gentle Cancer man comes to her heart.

Gemini woman lives in the wind.

While she pretends to keep her hair in the wind, she does not look back and moves at a breakneck pace.

She does not have to look backwards.

Gemini woman is sure that Cancer man will always be with her from behind.

Gemini woman knows that Cancer man will continue dedicated loving affairs.

●Characteristics of Cancer man

Cancer man lives in the past. And he loves old things and historical things. He is interested in museums and ruins.

That’s why it is not too difficult for her to invite him to travel.

For him, traveling the world with his beloved Gemini woman is a dreamy joy.

●Gemini woman and Cancer man romance and sex

Cancer man has strong obsession with money and encourages savings.

On the other hand, Gemini woman is a waste consumer.

The reason for his obsession with his money is Fear of someday that things to eat will disappear and Feeling of safety.

But if his heart is filled with love, the fear of hunger will be small.

If stability of his mind is obtained, the feeling of economic stability should naturally diminish.

Cancer man sticks to owning objects, but Gemini woman is afraid of being caught in accumulated things.

It is fun to use Gemini woman to spend more money than to save money.

If she gains freedom and excitement, she will not have to spend unnecessary money.

And Gemini woman is sociable and active. Also, she likes to eat out. The reason is two. She dislikes cooking and likes to change the atmosphere.

Cancer man likes to eat at home.

By eating at home, he recalls the comfort of his childhood and the comfort of his mother’s cooking.

It is better to first talk with each other so that these two differences will not cause trouble.

Gemini woman and Cancer man sex will be fancy and dream sex.

She asks for stimulation for sex, and he asks for sexual fulfillment.

He gives affection to sex and she creates ingenuity and change for sex.

Therefore, their sex is always varied.

Gemini woman feels warmth and security to Cancer man. When she gets hugged at him, she will be healed by her usual anxious lost child heart.

Cancer man who loves Gemini woman deeply may be unable to leave himself to his own desire, because he feels that she is too weak and may be broken.

But she is not the weaker woman he thinks.

What she wants is not to be treated like a child, but to be treated as an adult woman.

Cancer man always treats Gemini woman like a lady.

Gemini woman will be performing excitingly for the ladies’ role.

From her point of view, Cancer man is a polite gentleman.

But she can catch a glimpse of the boy’s face behind the gentleman’s face.

Because Gemini woman knows that he has a very vulnerable heart behind the cold impression of Cancer man.

●Advice on the way of Gemini woman and Cancer man's love

When Gemini woman is depressed, the Cancer man should not sink with her, but he should make efforts to make her feel bright.

When Gemini woman feels calm and Cancer man is irritated, she should gently stroke his back and calm down.

What the Cancer man needs is compassionate.

If they are careful about these things, they will gradually be able to match each other’s moods of varying changes.

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