Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Gemini man and Scorpio woman

“I want to know more about him/her!”

Because you like him/her, you want to know more about him/her.

Junka∞Akitokimi will answer to your feelings like that.

We will divine the details of his/her personality, behavior and whether you are compatible.

●The compatibility divination of Gemini man and Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman suddenly sometimes finds herself sandwiched between two Gemini men.

These two Gemini men are the opposite type that there is a difference as much as day and night.

As seen from Scorpio woman, Gemini man seems to be introverted but outwardly, looks like it is full of joy but looks sad, looks kind and warm with a cold face.

Can Scorpio woman correspond to such a man?

Gemini man is a contradictory, incoherent existence.

When Gemini man sees how she tries to unravel his mystery, he feels fun.

Just because the beautiful and proud Scorpio woman is trying to find out her secret seriously, Gemini man gets a hearty excitement.

●Characteristics of Gemini man

Gemini man can not understand the concept of eternal love.

Some of Gemini man rarely love only one woman forever, even such a Gemini man sometimes dreams of other women, and he was experiencing in the past many romance.

Gemini man feels pleasure selecting a favorite woman out of a few women.

And Scorpio woman is a very jealous woman.

Gemini man can not understand her jealousy.

Of course, even Gemini man is fearful of being afraid that other men will take his lover.

But the jealousy of Scorpio woman will exceed his understanding.

When she is betrayed by him, she is hurt by him, she gives him a fatal blow.

Gemini man should be prepared for what it will be like if Gemini man is not a serious love affair with a woman like Scorpio woman.

She has never thought of not a serious love affair.

When she falls in love, she dedicates everything to him.

●Characteristics of Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman is always cool. And she is confident that she can solve a lot of problems.

Such Scorpio woman is confused and upsetting by incoherent Gemini man.

But Scorpio woman should be able to respond well, no matter how impossible it seems.

She always solves the problem and in the end is a person who can win.

●Gemini man and Scorpio woman romance and sex

Both Scorpio woman and Gemini man have a strong sexual appeal to them.

Both Scorpio woman and Gemini man have a strong sexual appeal to their opponents.

Gemini man is filled with various charms, but it is not sexy.

But strangely, Scorpio woman feels strong sexual appeal to him.

Perhaps Gemini man showing various faces such as a face like a boy and a face like an adult stimulates the curiosity of Scorpio woman.

And maybe she feels like to step into his heart through sex.

Scorpio woman is overwhelmed with a strong desire to know all the faces of Gemini man.

However, after many years, Scorpio woman reaches the conclusion that she can not know all the faces of Gemini man.

●Advice on the way of Gemini man and Scorpio woman's love

Gemini man tries to analyze her when he feels that Scorpio woman is hiding complicated tricks deep inside her heart.

But he can only see her upper side.

Scorpio woman dislikes being snooped, so she will explode Gemini man with intense anger.

Like the Gemini man, Scorpio woman considers the secret in her heart to be sacred.

When they interrogate each other without thinking about their feelings, there may be thick walls between them.

It is not easy to get over this wall.

Once the wall rises up, neither humor nor kindness will be able to break the wall.

To overcome this wall, they might as well try to keep a distance from each other.

Gemini man does not feel resistant to distance, but Scorpio woman will be terribly scared.

When Scorpio woman thinks that she has to leave him, she feels like fear of being thrown into the darkness all by herself.

The reason why they break apart is that Gemini man did not believe her and that Scorpio woman made too much secret.

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