Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Gemini man and Pisces woman

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We will reveal all of compatibility he/she and you have. And what is the desire that he/she has? Oh, he/she feels a lot of “compatibility” with you like this. Junka∞Akitokimi will divine all desires, evaluations and real intentions that he/she can not tell you!

●The compatibility divination of Gemini man and Pisces woman

Pisces woman will spare no effort in order not to cause dispute with loved man.

She will make daily life habits and preferences, as Gemini man hopes.

That does not mean that Pisces woman became a slave to Gemini man.

Because Pisces woman does so devotedly, he thinks “Pisces woman will be my own way”.

Actually this will be as expected of Pisces woman.

Pisces woman with a gentle face grasps the influence of her actions on him, ultimately, she will make arrangements so that everything will be convenient for her.

●Characteristics of Gemini man

The intelligent Gemini man usually has the ability to achieve its purpose as desired.

●Characteristics of Pisces woman

The secret weapon of Pisces woman is passive resistance.

Pisces woman does not obviously go against it, but he never turns his own will.

She has a talent for passive resistance naturally.

Pisces woman knows when to retreat and how much to concede.

And she knows the timing of the counterattack properly.

She flashes intuitively. It is the antenna that she has inborn, it seems to be aware of the other’s behavior and the future.

Pisces woman thought she’d rather do it, but if there is something he does not agree with, she will not push through her opinion or cry.

She acts as he does when Gemini man is with her. And when he is not there she acts as much as she wants.

●Gemini man and Pisces woman romance and sex

When Pisces woman lives with Gemini man, her soul is easy to be consumed and she will require adequate rest.

The characteristics of Gemini man that seemed attractive at the beginning when they first met will now exhaust the heart of Pisces woman.

The heart of Gemini man is packed with small surprises all the time. He will constantly dream, think, plan, and put into practice.

He has no free time. Also, no one can predict Gemini man’s behavior. He is a man like a mystery novel whose ending is invisible.

Pisces woman likes mystery novels, but for some time after starting to spend time with him he feels nostalgic and lonely.

No matter how careful Pisces woman is, she will become deeply involved in various human relations. She sucks in the emotions of the surrounding people like a dry sponge.

When Pisces woman disappears from Gemini man for a while to rest her mind, Gemini man is confused, sometimes hurt, sometimes violently get angry.

However, Gemini man is not aware that he is sometimes confined himself to his own world for self defense.

Even when Pisces woman needs his affection and compassion, Gemini man escapes to his world.

Gemini man and Pisces woman ‘s sex has quiet power to bring them closer.

Strangely, after they finish sex, Pisces woman gets lively and active, and Gemini man gets quiet calm.

When Gemini man and Pisces woman have sex, they are held in each other’s arms while feeling a sense of unity that can not be obtained elsewhere.

For them, sex is also a moment to feel mysterious and new regeneration.

It also serves as a driving force for them to understand each other with different personality.

Gemini man and Pisces woman give each other a wonderful benefit of freedom.

Pisces woman does not care much what Gemini man does anywhere and what.

Because Pisces woman is not the possessive type.

In the same way, Gemini man does not mind even if she is acting freely.

When Gemini man is not with her, he does not care what she does anywhere.

However, Gemini man wants Pisces woman to listen to his story when he is with her.

Besides, Pisces woman is a wonderful listener.

●Advice on the way of Gemini man and Pisces woman's love

Pisces woman knows that Gemini man always needs herself.

And Pisces woman feels delighted about what he needs her.

When he talks sarcasticly, Pisces woman gets hurt.

However, when the face of Gemini man becomes a smile again like a boy,

Pisces woman thinks that it was not a mistake that she loved him by the sacrifice of changing her life style.

Even though Pisces woman tailored her life style to him, she has not lost anything.

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