Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Cancer woman and Scorpio man

You can not ask him/her directly, but there are things you want to know. Compatibility is one of them. Because it is a serious problem for two people, it can not be ignored. Junka∞Akitokimi will tell you all about the difference between you and his/her values and what will happen to you and his/her romance.

●The compatibility divination of Cancer woman and Scorpio man

Cancer woman is mysterious.

She seems cool at first glance, but she is a fun woman with a wonderful sense of humor.

She is far from ego and vanity, but she tends to be misunderstood that she is cold and selfish.

It is very difficult for the Cancer woman to control her fear by herself.

Because the complex fear of Cancer woman lives in an unconscious world, it is very difficult to get over it.

Cancer woman wants to be recognized by the other people.

Far from recognizing her, most people will not try to understand her.

But Scorpio man strives to understand her and will admit her.

It may be because she feels that she goes to him with courage because he is the only person on earth who understands her.

Scorpio man loves to challenge difficult problems.

Scorpio man, as dubious as Cancer woman, can also trust Cancer woman.

This couple will empathize strongly from the moment they met.

At first sight, Scorpio man looks indifferent to everything, but he actually has intense emotions.

Even if he is gentle and calm, he may sink into a bottomless depression, or be filled with rapture.

They are two people who have been accused of being “cold people” from the people they have met so far.

There is a reason to say so.

Both Cancer woman and Scorpio man are not good at coming out of their shell.

However, even though they seem cold from other people, they know how hot each other’s inside is.

Both Cancer woman and Scorpio man are truly sensitive, delicate people.

Neither is weak in putting out what he felt outside.

They are not cold.

They are impressionable and have a vulnerable heart than anyone else.

They are similar people, they can understand each other’s feelings and minds.

However, they are likely to have to tell themselves as follows.

“Because he is quiet and cold is that he is shy and timid.”

“Because she is anxious that she is shutting her heart”

Cancer woman and Scorpio man are very affectionate.

They are seeking affection to wrap everything woven with a strong thread of dedication, kindness, loyalty.

●Characteristics of Cancer woman

Cancer woman is a mysterious and attractive woman with various aspects.

She is kind, calm and has a sense of humor.

Only Cancer woman should suppress any aspect that she wants to keep secret to anything, and has desire for possessions.

Also, since Cancer woman is delicate, it seems to be vulnerable to all kinds of pain.

Imagining pain for her is as painful as she actually hurts.

Often she will taste more pain, as others will not understand that real pain.

●Characteristics of Scorpio man

Scorpio man is self-disciplined and does not often show his feelings.

People tend to think that he is hard to approach, but in reality he is a man with a delicate heart and a hot soul.

However, Scorpio man seems to need efforts to suppress negative emotions such as “doubt” and “jealousy”.

He also has a strong desire to dominate, so he needs attention.

●Cancer woman and Scorpio man romance and sex

Scorpio man’s affectionate expression is more intense and enthusiastic than other men.

Cancer woman is more romantic and sensitive than other women.

And it is mental sense of security that they are seeking from each other.

Cancer woman wants evidence of affection in a visible form.

On the other hand, Scorpio man is seeking confidence that she wants himself.

They should be able to feel real passion if they stop controlling emotions.

Only when they trust each other in all respects, they can express affection by sex.

Also, for this couple, expression of affection after leaving the bedroom is indispensable.

Because this desire lurks in the depths of the heart, neither will them ask with words.

If they can understand the demands that are not words of each other,

The two sex will be as great as any human being is seeking.

●Advice on the way of Cancer woman and Scorpio man's love

The enemies that this couple should fight lurk within their own inner faces.

It is her unfounded anxiety, desire to own possession that could cause suffocation on them, his flames of burning jealousy and vengeful hearts, an obsession with the money that the two of them have.

Cancer woman and Scorpio man tend to escape to a silent cave of their own if there is something unpleasant, but that does not solve anything.

What they need is to discuss their thoughts and talk over and over.

Resentment will not go away even if they pretend to be quiet.

Rather, something that was a bit frustrating at first might develop into a big problem that destroys the relationship between them.

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