Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Cancer woman and Sagittarius man

Do you feel uneasy that your relationship with him/her will not work? First of all you will know your basic compatibility with him/her and will explore his/her true intention. And let me tell you about the future where the two will arrive.

●The compatibility divination of Cancer woman and Sagittarius man

In the case of a couple of Cancer woman and Sagittarius man, it is Cancer woman who takes leadership.

The Cancer woman is destined to teach people and she does not like being ordered by others.

Sagittarius man is not very interested in the position of the leader. He runs around and likes to convey information.

But he dislikes being ordered by people.

It seems that this may cause a fight.

He is cheerful, ambitious, intelligent and always positive.

However, when he encounters problems he ran away,

When he seems to be deprived of his freedom, he will kick him/her exactly with his stiff legs.

It is very difficult for the Cancer woman to suppress a desire for possessions.

She will often be binding her lover before she realizes it.

Freedom is necessary for Sagittarius man to be himself.

Cancer woman should be careful not to deprive the freedom of Sagittarius man.

They should be able to spend a pleasant time together if they can understand each other’s characteristics and compromise little by little.

Cancer woman is a mysterious existence.

Since Sagittarius man has burning curiosity, he will want to try solving the mystery hidden inside the Cancer woman.

And it seems that only Cancer woman understands the big heart of Sagittarius man.

Someday, Sagittarius man will teach Cancer woman the pleasure of giving.

Sagittarius man will lead the fearful Cancer woman to the truth.

●Characteristics of Cancer woman

Cancer woman is a symbol of women’s mystery.

She is delicate and easily wounded, she seems to be hurt deeply by a bit of a word, often stays in her own shell.

She hardly tries to express her true intentions, so she is a mysterious person and often confuses the surrounding people.

Sometimes it is necessary for Cancer woman to give courage and hit a real intention.

Gentle and worrying Cancer woman tends to bind her partner from feelings of consideration.

She is worried about her partner, but her tying down may weaken the bond with her partner.

●Characteristics of Sagittarius man

He is an optimist who loves truth.

He is curious and pursues the truth to the utmost.

He has a bright, cheerful and gentle heart, but he seems to hurt others with insensitive language.

Since he thinks that truth is far better than lies and hypocrisy no matter how painful it is, he also says real intentions to the surrounding people.

However, his straight-forward words deeply hurt delicate people.

He should be careful not to lose an important person by an impulsive word.

●Cancer woman and Sagittarius man romance and sex

What is important in the bed is action rather than words.

The expression of love in Cancer woman is quiet and sensual.

She is looking for a sense rather than a word.

With the quiet exchange of their loving souls each other, the ocean of passion will increase its depth.

When a delicate Cancer woman is requested too strongly, she will be frighten and run away.

She should respond if she is asked gently and poetically.

Cancer woman has something uneasy during the day, even in his arms, she will not be able to open her mind with peace of mind.

Sex with Cancer woman is like a puzzle at any time.

Sagittarius man has a strong desire, but he may be frustrated with her changeability.

In order for Sagittarius man to please Cancer woman, it seems necessary to refine sexual techniques.

Both Cancer woman and Sagittarius man have in common that they want to know secrets.

However, in the case of Sagittarius man, he will tell her his secret, in the case of Cancer woman, she trys to keep her secret stubbornly.

When Cancer woman is about to be found her secret, she will be stay in her own shell and will not come out.

Cancer woman is delicate and shy, Sagittarius man is cheerful and sociable.

Of course, their way of thinking is very different.

Especially the way they think about [bonds] is different.

Since Cancer woman seeks security and stability, she cares about [bonds] such as family, friends, lover more than anything else.

However, Sagittarius man who loves freedom seems to feel cramped that [bond] in many cases.

They should try to think about each other’s feelings at the same time little by little.

●Advice on the way of Cancer woman and Sagittarius man's love

Sagittarius man tends to talk about things that delicate Cancer woman misunderstood and hurt.

Before saying what Sagittarius man thought, he should try to count 10 in his mind.

It is difficult for him to say his own idea.

The Cancer woman tries to tell her wishes with watery eyes.

If Sagittarius man notices her eyes shining like the moon,

It is better for him to close his mouth and hug her and drift with a strange ocean together.

Finally, JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI sends a message to Cancer woman so that this couple can get along well.

When Cancer woman shed tears like raindrops, Sagittarius man also conceals tears.

Like a little child whistling in the dark, he just does not want to admit his anxiety.

Sagittarius man is shedding tears in his heart.

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