Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Cancer woman and Libra man

What is important in adult romance is not just a mind connection. The desire he/she has, the compatibility of the two, the night of having sex for the first time … … Junka∞Akitokimi will tell you what We want you to know in order that you will love him/her deeply.

●The compatibility divination of Cancer woman and Libra man

Cancer woman and Libra man have quite different characteristics.

They have the opposite reaction in every situation.

The Cancer woman is more pessimistic than any constellation, and Libra man is more optimistic than any other constellation.

They will be able to compensate for their weak points by learning from them.

For example, Libra man, often deceived by people, will be less deceived if he is with cautious Cancer woman.

Also, Cancer woman, who always has anxiety about the future, will be able to find the light of hope, if she is with optimistic Libra man.

Libra man loves freedom, but Cancer woman has a possessive nature.

If they are in love, they will be able to overcome.

Let me tell you the advice to overcome this difference.

Cancer woman is not trying to suffocate Libra man.

Her nightmare is frightening her.

She is afraid that his love is just a mirage.

This fear of her will increase more and more as she can not see him.

Even if Libra man says he wants free time, he is not trying to leave the Cancer woman.

It is not that he fell in love with anyone other than the Cancer woman.

Libra man stagnates when confined.

This couple also has something in common.

For example, they are sentimental.

Also, they are both rich in imagination and have strength to continue to believe in dreams.

Both are gentle and have a considerate heart.

In order for Libra man and Cancer woman to harmonize, they must have a self-sacrificing spirit.

●Characteristics of Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is generous, gentle and calm, patient, and she has a kindness like her mother.

She has a delicate mind, so even if she does not use words, she feels something someone is looking for and devote herself to it.

However, she is a woman who care for a person because she is anxious. However, she often ties down.

In addition, Cancer woman is a person who does not have a real heart to heart. Therefore, she will quarrel with her lover or husband.

Cancer woman will have many problems that can be solved by trusting each other and hitting real feelings.

●Characteristics of Libra man

Libra man is always trying to balance things.

He has justice and fairness as his motto and he has the ability to mediate disputes and bring peace.

Libra man is also a romanticist with a free heart like the wind.

Libra man hates to be bound more than anything.

And he will not like being ordered by people.

If he is given freedom, he will do his best for others.

●Cancer woman and Leo man romance and sex

Cancer woman is full of anxiety about the future, Libra man possess a generous heart.

Of course, these two people will differ greatly from their way of thinking about money.

In order for them to get along without fighting well,

Libra man is to give her only her deposit account.

Cancer woman should cease to imagine becoming poor.

Otherwise the nightmare will become reality.

The important thing for the two sexes is before sex.

The suspicion of Cancer woman withers Libra man.

And the dullness of Libra man will make the Cancer woman insensible.

Even by paying attention to it,

Their sex will be beautiful wrapped in gentle passion.

Cancer woman and Libra man speak love by poetry.

When Libra man falls in love with Cancer woman, he will try to marry her.

He is a person who wants to explain everything logically.

When Libra man fell in love with an attractive Cancer woman and thought that “I want to do various things with her”, he will consider a reasonable reason for doing it.

But, it is impossible for him to logically describe love affairs.

After all, Libra man is motivated by love and carnalism, and eventually concludes.

And he tries to get married to her.

If Libra man understands the pros and cons of the Cancer woman, even if the Cancer woman is delicate and worried, they will get married and get along well.

Still, there is a possibility that marriage will make them suffered a difficulty mentally and physically.

If this couple can overcome hardships and truly believe each other, they will surely be able to taste sweet pleasure.

●Advice on the way of Cancer woman and Leo man's love

If moody and secretive Cancer woman falls in love, she turns into a delicate and ender-hearted girl.

If she fell in love with Libra man, she would be terribly worried about him.

Libra man silently does not obey others’ instructions. However, he will be able to get along with the Cancer woman as well.

Cancer woman feels relieved when she is with him, she will fully demonstrate the faithful, patient and loving nature.

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