Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Cancer man and Scorpio woman

“What will happen to this love in the future?” What will happen to you and his/her relationship in the future? Imagining the future, you will become uneasy. Junka∞Akitokimi will explore the compatibility between him/her and you, and divine the future of this love!!

●The compatibility divination of Cancer man and Scorpio woman

Cancer man and Scorpio woman have many things in common.

In most cases, these common points will facilitate the relationship between the two people, but it may also cause problems.

Cancer man and Scorpio woman rarely get into alcohol and drugs.

Sometimes they have sex with a lot of unspecified people.

If Cancer man and Scorpio woman get stuck deeply in these decadent acts, it is not easy to get out of there.

Also, it is likely that fear of [money] which Cancer man and Scorpio woman have in common may cause quarrels.

Scorpio woman is worried about how to earn money and Cancer man is extremely afraid of losing money.

Cancer man allows the silence of Scorpio woman, anger, bitter words, revenge all gently.

The opposite of love is not aversion. Because he knows that the opposite of love is indifference.

Scorpio woman never becomes indifferent to Cancer man.

Indeed she ignores the persons she despises as if they were not there.

But she just can not ignore the person whom she has trusted or loved.

This is one of the secrets she does not want anyone to know.

Her passionate needle may moved slightly from love to disgust, but surely I will return to love again.

She just can not ignore Cancer man.

●Characteristics of Cancer man

Cancer man has various aspects.

He will laugh around with humorous words and behaviors, suddenly become cranky and silent, be cowardly shut in his shell.

But he never forgets kindness anytime.

Because he is sensitive and vulnerable, he will be shut up in his own shell if there is something as painful as he can not accept.

However, it will not be a solution if he hides forever. Sometimes it is also necessary to hit with his real intention.

●Characteristics of Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman is remarkable discipline and tends to be thought that she is a femininely discreet person because he usually keeps her feelings deep inside her heart.

But, in fact, she has more intense emotions than anyone else.

Everyone will be surprised at her power when she explodes anger.

When strong self-disciplined Scorpio woman receives an attack that can not hold back her anger, she chases her/him anywhere and retaliates.

However, because she is essentially a delicate and gentle woman, she should rarely get angry like this.

A couple of Cancer man and Scorpio woman has a good sexual compatibility and they can get a great satisfaction from sex.

●Cancer man and Scorpio woman romance and sex

The rainbow-colored aura will wrap the two of you who love each other.

Because they are essentially in harmony with each other, sex makes chemical change of love happen.

This couple will be able to love each other by mixing spirit, emotion and body.

So, it is possible to reach ecstasy that can not be experienced by a couple who is moved by desire and is seeking only pleasure.

Affection and sympathy will enhance their sex.

If Cancer man and Scorpio woman quarrel, Cancer man’s humor will become a trigger for reconciliation.

Scorpio woman who tends to forget smile by immersing in mystery of her life requires his humor.

His humor will heal her.

In addition, it should also be a bridge over misunderstanding.

However, humor has two aspects.

A word that makes fun of people has the power to hurt people more than words of insult.

Cancer man ought to be careful not to put too much jerk.

Scorpio woman, with strong self-esteem and seriousness, can not bear to be made Joke material.

She may get hurt by teasing words and bad timing jokes.

And bruised Scorpio woman will revenge.

If he makes her really angry, the Cancer man is only hiding in her hard shell until the storm and the eruption are settled.

The compatibility between Cancer man and Scorpio woman is good, but there is one huge rock that hinders the relationship between the two.

That rock is 【secret】.

Both Cancer man and Scorpio woman love keeping things secret.

On the other hand, they can not bear the situation that she/he keeps something secret.

Cancer man thinks that his lover is hiding from himself,

No matter how trivial it is, even if it does not concern him at all, he becomes anxious and can not sleep.

Scorpio woman is also always curious about the secrets of others.

However, Cancer man expresses feelings of wanting to know secrets, biting his nails and frowning his face, expressing emotions.

However, in the case of Scorpio woman, it is hidden inside.

She pretends to be calmly superficially, and she creates a situation well enough for him to leak secrets suddenly.

Cancer man who has boasted the ability to hide secrets well may not comply with the technology of this Scorpio woman.

He will inadvertently reveal the secret and he may be depressed.

●Advice on the way of Cancer man and Scorpio woman's love

They are two people sharing many strengths and many shortcomings, but there are also differences.

Unlike Cancer man, Scorpio woman has very intense emotions.

If she gets angry she can not help being revenged.

These differences may interfere with the happiness of two people.

When Scorpio woman attacks him too many times, Cancer man will stay in one’s shell and will not come out.

Because he has a gentle and sensitive heart, when his heart is hurt, he will be locked in the shell for days, weeks, months, years.

Then, Scorpio woman can not pull the Cancer man out of the shell.

On the other hand, Scorpio woman can not understand his extremely cautious side, cowardly side, attitude of entrusting to fate.

She does not know why he will not stand up when he faces difficulties.

But Cancer man goes one step down and thinks about every possibility and goes ahead.

He is a much better strategist than Scorpio woman thinks.

Scorpio woman seemingly feminine and discreet, but in reality it is very brave and fearless.

Scorpio woman takes great care to give love to others.

But when she feels she is not loved by him, she turns her heart to another direction without hesitation.

If Cancer man does not want to lose her, attention to this point is necessary.

Scorpio woman also has a caveat to remember.

Cancer man is apt to change his mood, he may become nervous or he becomes annoying, but in that case it is better to gently remove the nightmare lurking in his heart.

Then she will return to him.

If she leaves him alone, he becomes increasingly unstable and stays in his shell.

Cancer man may be discouraged and escape to his mother.

Cancer man always thinks about his mother as “the only woman who understands myself.”

Cancer man and Scorpio woman should cherish each other.

It is quite difficult to find true love.

There is no other man who respects her as much as Cancer man.

There is no other women cherish his dreams as much as Scorpio woman.

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