Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Cancer man and Libra woman

Do you want to be a lover with him/her? If that feeling is genuine, please go ahead. Junka∞Akitokimi will tell you the “important truth” that you should not look away to make this love come true. “Romance compatibility” “Sexual compatibility” “the future of two people” Listen without fear.

●The compatibility divination of Cancer man and Libra woman

Libra woman is cute and loving.

When Libra woman is near Cancer man, her voice sounds like a beautiful bell sound ringing deeply and gentle like a church bell.

Libra woman, fascinating Cancer man, looks like an angel.

Even though she was not a pretty beauty, she should have a wonderful smile like healing a tired heart.

Cancer man has a sense of humor and he will tell an interesting story to catch her attention.

Libra woman should be pleased with laughter like a fairy.

Her smile is as deep and rich as a symphony.

Besides, she has a sense of understanding his humor.

They are in love with each other.

Libra woman thinks that Cancer man is different from the boring man she has ever met.

Cancer man has intelligence and humor, he is delicate, thoughtful and elegant.

While treating her carefully, he respects her way of thinking and he can honor her intellect.

He keeps all ugly and vulgar things disturbing their peace away, he also protects her by showing old-fashioned manhood.

Cancer man is gentle and patient, understand and sympathize with the shaking of her feelings.

As Libra woman asks for peace and healing, she will think he is a very attractive man.

However, this couple seems to be fighting due to the roughness of her money, his suspicion.

If Libra woman is likely to suffocate from the bondage of Cancer man, she may try to ignore the phone from him for a while.

But Libra woman will soon get lonely and go home to Cancer man.

If Cancer man quarrels with Libra woman, Cancer man seems to get into panic.

And his secretive will be two enemies.

If he can obediently tell her his thoughts, she will help him

●Characteristics of Cancer man

Cancer man is delicate, he is an attractive person who can become sensitive to the feelings of others.

He has old-fashioned strength as well as kindness, so he will protect his lover very hard.

But, While behaving like he respects lover’s opinion on the surface, Actually, sometimes he is trying to control things behind.

His true feelings are also really covered with hard shells.

He sometimes hurts somewhat, he will be withdrawn in the back of the shell, and he will not come out easily.

●Characteristics of Libra woman

Libra woman is beautiful, always smells good, full of women’s mystery, she is also very intelligent.

She will be a merciful, creative, calm partner.

However, she feels strongly that she wishes to rule her lover.

She is always calm and tender, but behind it she may have planned that she wants her partner to do what she wants.

When Libra woman and Cancer man love each other, they will whisper with them.

While they are having sex, they can forget all the problems and worries.

Cancer man is worried, but if he to devote his body and his soul to her, he will break free from anxiety, fear, any restrictions, and he will become a true self.

Cancer man will be able to give Libra woman peace and satisfaction.

When Libra woman is in love with Cancer man, she should feel calm.

Her kindness and imagination bring peaceful silence between them.

Cancer man enveloped by love will feel joy in the body.

This feeling is wonderful, he never wants to forget.

●Cancer man and Libra woman romance and sex

When Libra woman and Cancer man get along with, it is Libra woman who thinks about marriage first.

Cancer man will show hesitation.

“My mother may not admit her.”

“Is she going to cherish me as much as my mother?”

And Cancer man may be worried.

Otherwise, he may want to concentrate on work until he gets enough to support his family.

Anyway, the Cancer man is cautious in everything and is a type to check well.

Cancer man is seeking affection and spiritual stability obtained from a lover.

The responsibility of marriage comes to him heavily.

Of course, he loves her, but by that, he will not get married easily.

If Cancer man is taking a passive attitude, Libra woman makes him cold, asking for sex, she pretends to be interested in another man and makes him suffer.

This plan will work out sometimes, but there are times when she makes him angry.

Angry Cancer man keeps himself inside the shell.

Libra woman will be so panicked to have not seen such an angry Cancer man.

And she tries to control him with her gentle voice and cute smile.

She trys to recall him by making use of logic and luck.

However, he may overlook her ploy and shut his mind more and more.

Libra woman will try to turn Cancer man into an impulsive person.

He who is embarrassed may become cowardly more and more.

●Advice on the way of Cancer man and Libra woman's love

The difference in their way of thinking is not something that can easily be overcome.

But if he used his stubbornness to maintain their relationship, and if she used her fairness to understand his anxiety, even if they make a big fight they may be able to start over again.

For a couple of Cancer man and Libra woman, compromising is not easy.

If the couple of Cancer man and Libra woman have perseverance and strong feelings of thinking about each other, they will successfully get back together.

But otherwise, a sad separation is waiting.

Even after they parted, the pleasant days remain vividly in their mind.

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