Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Cancer man and Capricorn woman

Do you have a hesitancy against him/her now? Here Junka∞Akitokimi will tell you the compatibility with him from all angles and the final relationship. Are you ready for this??

●The compatibility divination of Cancer man and Capricorn woman

Cancer man wants to be spoiled or worried like a baby.

Sometimes he even makes use of Capricorn woman’s sense of responsibility.

Capricorn woman wants to do anything to please her loved one, but even such a girl can not respond to the changeability of his mood.

At first sight they look like a very discreet couple, but in fact both are a little selfish.

Cancer man is usually a kind, calm and polite gentleman.

However, Cancer man’s attitude towards his lover is very old-fashioned and he thinks that his lover is like his possession.

While Cancer man treasures Capricorn woman very much, he will often ask her for something more than he gives to her.

Besides, Capricorn woman can not satisfy Cancer man’s desire, “she does not love me as much as my mother”, he will be sulk.

If she is a typical Capricorn woman, she will usually be quiet and modest.

But, when something goes wrong she will rush up.

Capricorn woman does not obey even for love, even if it is not unreasonable request.

Capricorn woman is not obedient person and does not do what people say. .

Capricorn woman is feminine, soft lady but has a strong will.

She clearly tells what she wants and she will do her best to get it.

Capricorn woman will gladly accept what she likes and drive out from her life what she dislikes.

Even if there is something to be surprised, Capricorn woman will not make noise.

She either ignores or avoids.

Capricorn woman is not a very delicate type, so when she is involved with Cancer man she needs extreme caution.

Cancer man is amazingly delicate and vulnerable.

That will turn out bad if she criticize him a little or tells him the opposite opinion.

He will not forgive her until she says saying, “You are not bad” “I love you”.

●Characteristics of Cancer man

Cancer man is shy.

But every time he gets older he will have confidence in myself.

His sense of humor should also be polished more and more.

The way he talks and his manner are gentle, and also he is clever.

He also likes unparalleled debate.

When Cancer man quarrels with someone, he will not stop until some discussion has ended.

He sticks to the argument itself and to his own opinion.

Cancer man is delicate and easily hurt, and if there is something that never work out as he expects, he will withdraw into his shell and will not come out.

●Characteristics of Capricorn woman

Capricorn woman of a young age is rather an plain and modest type.

Every time she will get older she will get better and more beautiful.

But at the same time her head will gradually becomes hard and she will be amazingly stubborn.

She will strengthen defenses with an indomitable spirit.

But she hides the feminine kindness inside its hard defense.

She is waiting for a man who can notice it.

●Cancer man and Capricorn woman romance and sex

Both Capricorn woman and Cancer man have caution that their heads are hard.

Cancer man has a soft heart and a hard head, Capricorn woman heart and head are hard as stones.

Capricorn woman is smart, cautious, and has strong protective instinct.

For a couple of Cancer man and Capricorn woman, sex is very serious.

However, neither of them is weak in telling their true feelings to their partner.

Every time they make love they will discover the new beauty of the world.

But they do not know a way of telling those feelings.

Sex of this couple seems to be rich and meaningful.

●Advice on the way of Cancer man and Capricorn woman's love

Cancer man blossoms with praise and encouragement.

Therefore, Capricorn woman may have to continue to say encouraging words to him.

Some of the Cancer men have come to think that people who do not agree with him are enemies.

And Cancer man will never give up until he gets respect, affection, dedication and evaluation.

Unfortunately Capricorn woman is not very good at praising or encouraging.

Sensitivity and vulnerability of Cancer man confuse Capricorn woman.

Besides, she is afraid of doing wrong things.

Capricorn woman thinks that it is better not to do anything than to hurt him by making a mistake.

Capricorn woman seems to be too modest.

She has an excellent brain that can find answers that others could not find.

In most cases the conclusion she made is certain.

She can use this ability to control her emotions.

The strong feeling that Cancer man’s “I want her to admit” is not such a difficult obstacle.

If he gets a bit stronger and she has a bit more sympathy, she should be able to get over it.

Actually Capricorn woman also wants to be recognized by Cancer man.

It is good that this couple give hugs, kisses, kind words, smiles to each other a little more.

They are seeking each other.

Capricorn woman and Cancer man want them to see themselves.

It is only whether they show their emotions openly or not.

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