Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Cancer man and Cancer woman

Do you have a good compatibility to marry him/her? What relationship will you and he have in the future? Does your money sense and values match with him/her? And does love between you and him/her go forward? JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI which predict the future about compatibility of two people will divine!!

●The compatibility divination of Cancer man and Cancer woman

There are a lot of Cancer people who suffer from anything by themselves and feel that they are lonely.

They think that nobody knows themselves, they sometimes wander off if they do not care about themselves.

And they become emotional instability, and in some cases, the paranoia may become severe as “people are heartless” or “parents love just their brothers”.

In such a case, let’s not say what they want to say in their mind, just say it properly.

If they appeal with sincere heartfelt feeling, they surely can understand.

It is the Cancer people who have the same troubles as the one who can have the most appropriate words for the Cancer people who suffer from anxiety and loneliness.

If the Cancer woman and the Cancer man are together, the anxiety will be diminished a little, their hearts will settle down.

However, in order to balance the unique complex personality of Cancer, it seems better to actively participate with another constellation person.

If the Cancer woman and the Cancer man get closer, they will be able to sympathize deeply and comfort each other.

But then they can not grow forever.

In order for them to be happy, it is necessary for them to have the strength to find their own faults into her/him and to improve them.

the Cancer people are also cowards, but in reality they are amazingly obsessed.

They have the courage to face boldly, forgetting anxiety and fear at the pinch of themselves and those people they love.

However, if the Cancer people have an injured, they will withdraw into their shell again.

Soon they say complaints and whining, but on the other hand, they are good at making others laugh with rich humor.

Cancer woman and Cancer man are lovely couples that can be enriched by being together.

They can compassionate and care about their partners more than anyone else.

It is Cancer man who has the same trouble that most comfortes Cancer woman suffering from anxiety and loneliness.

Their mind settles just by being with them.

●Characteristics of Cancer man

Cancer man is gentle, delicate and thoughtful.

He is intelligent, humorous and has fun.

However, while Cancer man behaves politely and gently on the surface, he will try to manipulate things secretly behind the scenes.

He is vulnerable and always worries about his heart, so he is looking for someone who will take it away.

Cancer man has a strong affection for his hometown and mother, he seems to have a strong tendency to choose “a person like a mother who will reassure myself” to his lover or his wife.

For Cancer man, the mother is an eternal saint.

He should keep treating his mother forever, as a special existence to respect.

●Characteristics of Cancer woman

Cancer woman is anxious and wants to take care of people for something.

She is a person who can think of the other people, but she should be careful not to deprive his the freedom.

Cancer woman combines various qualities such as being brave, cowardly, tolerant and suspicious.

This changeability is also her charm, but it may also cause confusion of the people around her.

However, Cancer man will quickly understand the changeability of the feelings of Cancer woman.

●Cancer man and Cancer woman romance and sex

The fact that a couple of Cancer man and Cancer woman have to pay special attention to is a secretive aspect.

While Cancer man and Cancer woman want to keep their secrets, they dislikes their partners to keep secret.

When seeing that his lover is vague, Cancer man guess Cancer woman’s true intentions that she is in love with another man.

Cancer woman also doubts that Cancer man thinks about another woman as soon as she sees her lover thinking.

If they try to be more obedient, they will not be hurt each other.

Originally they both have an excellent sense of humor, so if they confess everything honestly, they can turn their tears into laughter.

And for the couple of Cancer man and Cancer woman it is a monetary problem that can also cause their fight.

Neither Cancer man nor Cancer woman strongly sticks to money.

As a matter of fact, money issues are top priority for them, but as they start dating, they try to hide money concerns with each other.

But, in fact, from the beginning, it seems better to talk about matters concerning money properly.

Also, if Cancer man and Cancer woman want to have good sex with each other, they need to understand the characteristics of Cancer.

Even though the Cancer people are extremely afraid of being rejected and lacking the feeling of actively seeking communication, it seems that they can not take a step quickly even if they become romantic relationships.

They think that they want the first step to be taken from him/her.

But when they finally have sex with such spiritual bargaining, they will have a great satisfaction.

In addition, in the case of a couple of Cancer man and Cancer woman, neither of them wants to take the initiative in sex.

They are waiting for their partner to feel sensual.

Cancer man and Cancer woman have a more gentle affection than fierce passion, carefully checking the gentle words before the sex, the sweet mood, the affection after the sex.

It is a romantic attitude and words that excites and satisfies the Cancer people.

If they feel a little uneasy about the affection of their partner, they will stay in their shell.

They will remain silent until they can be told the words of apologies and love as expected.

Poetry and music are necessary for the two sex.

They increase the feelings of their two people.

However, here also the monetary problem disturbs the relationship between the two.

If they are economically uneasy, feelings do not go for sex.

Also, if they think that their lover is not happy, their feelings will also cool down completely.

In order to burn up the relationship between Cancer man and Cancer woman, what is necessary is neither sex nor energetic agent.

Plenty of money, plenty of affection, plenty of compassion, then calendar.

Both Cancer man and Cancer woman are sincere, so do not worry about cheating.

In the unlikely event their lover will cheat, they will not put on jealousy.

If Cancer man and Cancer woman fell in love, it seems likely that they will develop until marriage.

They can not be relieved on partner relationship without marriage.

They are strongly hoping for a socially and legally recognized relationship.

It seems to be difficult for them to prolong the relationship of only mental ties such as adultery.

Cancer man and Cancer woman can not be open for sex.

In the case of Cancer man and Cancer woman, it is time to get married when they can confirm each other’s desire to own children.

●Advice on the way of Cancer man and Cancer woman's love

Cancer man and Cancer woman are couple who can deeply sympathize with each other and to comfort each other.

They will be able to spend peaceful and rich time together.

However, they should be careful not to stay in a world of only two people.

The Cancer man and the Cancer woman have various characteristics and a complex and unique personality.

They are delicate and vulnerable and always have anxiety and loneliness.

Cancer man and Cancer woman understand each other’s complex personality well, can feel comfort and feel anxiety and loneliness of the other person.

They have courage. If anxiety and loneliness are healed, let ‘s take the first step towards the future by matching the courage of two people.

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