Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Cancer man and Aquarius woman

Do not you think that you can not reach it? Perhaps you and he/she may be the best partners. Junka∞Akitokimi will divine your compatibility with him/her.

●The compatibility divination of Cancer man and Aquarius woman

In association with Cancer man, Aquarius woman’s easy mistake is, trying to remove feelings of affection from the Cancer man to his hometown and mother.

Aquarius woman thinks that “the future is more important than yesterday and today”, she will try to teach Cancer man about it.

As he hears it, the Cancer man will resent.

When Cancer man seems to break off by the severity of the real world, he recollects the childhood that was safe and comforts his own heart.

Cancer man believe that he wanted to remain a child all the while at the bottom of his heart, regardless of age or social status.

It was a strange world filled with impression and surprise when he was a child, spreading around him.

He was open his heart to all kinds of emotions without being bound by anything.

“She is a stubborn and boring woman, she surely has no imagination,” Cancer man may mutter.

“She seems to be almost like a man and she does not care for me, I will not like realists like this men. I will be in love with a perfect woman who is kind and feminine like my mother “

Cancer man is misunderstanding.

Aquarius woman are people who are free from formality.

Cancer man will welcome those people who cry and laugh like him.

Aquarius woman has a strange character of shedding tears when he is happy and laughing when he is sad.

Therefore, it may take some time for Cancer man to understand the feelings of Aquarius woman.

Aquarius woman noticed that her words and actions hurt delicate Cancer man,

She will try to atone for her sins, indicating that she cares about him.

But the way of making up for her mistake is sometimes wrong.

●Characteristics of Cancer man

Cancer man has a delicate and vulnerable heart, he shuts himself in the shell as if something hurts him.

He will shut himself in his world until he judges there is no danger.

It is not easy to pull out stubborn Cancer man.

He has a strong feeling towards his family and mother.

He compares his lover or wife with his mother and said like this,

“My mother did not say such thing” “My mother loved me more”.

●Characteristics of Aquarius woman

Aquarius woman has eccentric saying and doing.

She is curious and she is always full of colorful ideas in her head.

However, as her head is full of “important things” for herself,

In many cases she will often forget all things that are generally regarded as “important things”.

●Cancer man and Aquarius woman romance and sex

Cancer man is also a moody person, but she is more fickle than he.

She is a whimsical and generous woman.

She is a whimsical and amiable woman.

Regarding money as well, she thinks “It adds up mostly.”

Cancer man who becomes nervous when it comes to money would want to make a separate bank account with her.

Aquarius woman is a considerate woman.

Yet Cancer man tends to complain that she is not thoughtful at all.


Because Aquarius woman will direct most of its rich caring hearts to humanitarian problems in the world, she may not be able to demonstrate it to her loved one around her.

Aquarius woman considers sex fun, but she thinks that it is something strange as a way of expressing each other’s desire.

But when she understands that sex is necessary for men and women to gain satisfaction, she trys to enjoy as much as possible.

In most cases, Cancer man and Aquarius woman should understand each other’s needs and be able to respond.

Gradually, he should know that it was a mistake that he thought that she had no imagination.

She is aware of the gentle and cheerful part of his hard shell.

When he notices this, Cancer man will be very surprised.

Yes, Aquarius woman is always unexpected.

This unique Aquarius woman will feel attractive to Cancer man, feeling that there is a unique part like herself.

●Advice on the way of Cancer man and Aquarius woman's love

Cancer man is always planning to lead people on the back of a gentle outer surface.

Aquarius woman dislikes being dominated and guided more than anything.

As she thinks that she wants to proceed like her own way,

If he forcibly changes her direction, she will be angry and disappear from him or make a fuss.

This big uproar should settle down naturally if he leaves her alone for a while.

However, when he persistently interferes with her private life, she becomes increasingly ferocious.

After all Cancer man can not control or tie Aquarius woman down.

If he notices that, they can build a good relationship.

Aquarius woman should keep in mind that Cancer man can not help looking back on his past.

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