Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Aries woman and Taurus man

As a matter of fact, what is he thinking about you? What kind of love do you do with that person? What about money and values between you and him? JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI thoroughly divides his compatibility with you.

●The compatibility divination of Aries woman and Taurus man

Aries woman will learn a lot from love affair with Taurus man.

Aries woman thinks that what you can not move should go through its side, jump over it, or melt with fire.

But it does not work for Taurus man.

Taurus man sits down if Aries woman wants to push him aside. Put her strengths on and push him and he will complain. If she inquires about him, he will resist stubbornly.

If Aries woman cries, the Taurus man will walk and will have to leave her as it is.

But if she should treat him well, he will come close.

If she holds him strongly, he will smile from the heart with his face shining.

The behavior of Taurus man is always up to the actions of Aries woman.

It is important for Aries woman and Taurus man to make efforts to complement each other.

Then, beyond the differences between each other, they can build a very cozy relationship.

●Characteristics of Aries woman

Aries woman is passionate and its behavior sometimes goes out of orbit.

What she wants is loved romantically by men.

Also, Aries woman seems to be wasteful at first glance. But she also seems wastefulness is a manifestation of generosity to others.

Aries woman, like an innocent child, wants to please purely pleasing people and spare money.

●Characteristics of Taurus man

Taurus man is stubborn. For example, when a Taurus man wants to take a snapshot, an Aries woman requests to go to pick flowers with him or she tries to spend more money than his income, The stubbornness born with him appears on the table.

But for a beloved Aries woman, Taurus man will endure it no matter what he encounters, and he will not lose his calm.

No matter how sweaty she is, a gentle Taurus man can stand up.

Even if a passionate Aries woman is somewhat out of orbit, the Taurus man can endure patiently as long as she does not demand too much.

But when she gets over, he will explode the anger hidden inside.

Aries woman should not get cocky just because the Taurus man rarely gets angry.

●Aries woman and Taurus man romance and sex

His love does not shake like a rock, as long as Aries gently touches the Taurus man and takes care of his feelings.

Taurus man closes her side when a beloved Aries encounters a storm and when she is miserable and miserable, he envelops her with devoted love.

Taurus man worries about her even if he can not understand the scars of her heart.

And the Taurus man will not neglect to build a realistic foundation by preparing a roof that does not leak out and increasing bank deposits.

In addition, he has steadily built a foundation for living so that they can live a more cheap future in the future, if possible they can live a luxurious life if possible.

What Aries woman wanted sex for is sexual romantic courtship from men.

However, Taurus man will not feel like using energy besides what is practical and profitable.

A romantic dream that Aries woman wanted is something meaningless to Taurus Man.

As a result, Aries woman is gradually getting tired of tasteless sex with Taurus Man.

In addition, Aries women think that sex is like a journey around various stars, but Taurus Man can not understand such a heart and learns embarrassment.

Still, he will be secretly thinking of wanting to guide her to the journey of the star if she wishes.

However, Taurus man is worried that she can not be satisfied because there is no map to rely on unless he knows the way to reach it.

Between a couple of Aries and Taurus, there is a problem with money as much as you can say.

Aries female Taurus man is a terrible stingy, Taurus man, you may feel that Aries woman is a waste.

However, Taurus Man gradually notices that the wastefulness of Aries woman is an indication of generosity to others.

It is true that she spends luxury money on herself, but more than that she spends money generously for other people.

Moreover, she does not expect any tradeoffs. Aries woman is the same as a child, and she is satisfied only by being smiled at by others.

Taurus Man complaining about the use of her inattentive money gradually begins to understand her true intention.

And Taurus Man will feel her wasting attitude as a manifestation of her generosity.

As Taurus man accepts her inattentive way of using money, Aries woman will also realize that he is not so badly stingy.

As his cautiousness comes from worrying about tomorrow’s living or comes from having a strong fear of self-reliance hesitating at the street and becoming care of others, she will gradually understand such a thing.

And if a stubborn Taurus man feels that they have acquired the stability of their future life, he will not be obsessed with a few things. Aries woman will know that.

However, Taurus man is a type that hits the stone bridge and passes over. It is impossible to cross a dangerous bridge.

It is useless to claim that Aries woman wants to relocate to a better house by relying on his future income.

Taurus man should not move from the place he decides firmly until he gets clear evidence that he can pay the high rent properly.

But if necessary, Taurus man will be willing to share what he has.

For Aries woman, a stubborn Taurus man seems to be a ruthless and unmatched human being.

For example, if Aries woman tells his taste too much or her selfish behavior goes far, the Taurus man throws a bad word in front of many people to her.

But that is the most painful thing for Aries woman.

She insists on apologizing to him and does not give way. Or she will try to make him acknowledge that he was not at least serious.

But he also gets angry and refuses it.

Aries woman who was requesting him to withdraw his remarks at the beginning of the command tone gradually become enthusiastic tone, but he still goes silent and does not destroy his Unfriendly attitude.

Eventually, he will not move like a stone.

In such a case, Aries woman will jump out of him while crying angrily.

“There is no brutal man like him to do such a terrible process, We will be the end!” She thinks.

However, while she is walking around for hours, she regains calmness and notices what she is losing. she will head back to him, returning the way she hurried to come.

●Advice on the way of Aries woman and Taurus man's love

When Aries woman finally gets close to the house, someone is standing in the dark.

Who is leaning against the building opposite the road?

It is Taurus man waiting patiently for her.

She is enveloped by happiness, crosses the road, and jumps into his arms at ease with the peace of mind.

Aries woman thinks that she has lost, and she relieves relief that he has not left her.

Certainly, he did not go away this time. Perhaps, even if a similar storm comes again, surely he will be waiting for her again.

But do not assume that it will last forever. Aries women must notice their own happiness before it’s too late.

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