💏Love, Romance & Zodiac Sign Compatibility divination for Aries woman and Gemini man

“What does he think of me? Does he like me?” When you fall in love with someone, you will want to know many things about him. JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI will do divination to such you!

●The compatibility divination of Aries woman and Gemini man

There is no hesitation for the love of Aries woman and Gemini man.

From the momant they fell in love with each other, they push straight ahead.

They do not think whether they can get married or not, whether they can be happy or not.

Two people who fell in love will be convinced that they have acquired many years of love.

Whatever difficulties may arise between the two, this belief will not shake.

The cause of the quarrel between the two may be in the Gemini man who expressly expresses praise and contempt but sometimes exists in Aries woman who is disturbed by the emotions of that time.

The point in common with these two people is that they do not stick to money and power too much.

That is why they do not succeed very much in spending much energy on what they are interested in.

Moreover, the interests of the two people do not last very long.

This couple is inherently compatible, but sometimes it is important to distance and look back at each other with fresh eyes.

Then they will be able to wipe out such things as cumbersome accumulation between the two without knowing.

●Characteristics of Aries woman

Aries woman has a violent jealousy hearted person.

When Aries woman is jealous, it is important that a Gemini guy understand her minds.

“Even all man of this world like big boobs and sexy colorful cute girls, even if their heads are stupid.”

Such rumors are being flooded by society.

Aries woman who is fast in head rotation, straight in love, can not act like woman, can not be like neuroses.

Aries woman has courage, leadership, vitality, great will.

Although these are excellent advantages, they are also generally considered to be masculine in nature.

So, how can Aries wear femininity?

The feminine charm is actually already in her.

Afterwards, the Gemini man only makes an effort to understand the feelings secret in her mind and her essence.

That way, the feminine charm of Aries woman who was hidden until then will naturally bloom and come into the open.

●Characteristics of Gemini man

The Gemini man is urging the freedom and change strongly. When Aries woman tries to push him into a narrow frame, he feels a strong fear of being deprived of freedom, he may be deeply hurt and confined to his own shell.

His driving force is the desire for change.

For a person who decides that the Gemini man is not worthy of respect, he may unequivocally reveal his contempt.

But he obediently praises the person who evaluates it as wonderful.

The Gemini man has a coldness that is extraordinarily extraordinary somewhere, but he has kindness in his inner heart.

In addition, the Gemini man has skillful talks, and has a strange charm that makes people feel enthralled, and with its charm it makes the opponent confuse.

●Aries woman and Gemini man romance and sex

The most troublesome problem with Aries woman and geminar man couple is jealousy.

The strength of the jealousy of Aries woman and the lack of jealousy of the Gemini man will cause problems between the two.

Aries woman is very jealous, and she is not aware of her own jealousy.

The source of jealousy often has strong monopoly desire, but in the case of Aries woman is different.

The root of her intense jealousy has a fear rejected by a person and a feeling of seeking proof of what is being loved.

In Aries woman’s heart there is a weak part like a child that can not survive unless it depends completely on the person who loves, from which fear is born.

It appears in the table as a strong jealousy.

Although she is an independent, vigorous Aries woman, her heart is always lurking behind her heart.

On the other hand, the Gemini man does not have jealousy.

In the case of this couple it will be a big problem.

Because Aries woman want to be get jealous in the inner heart, and feel joy by being get jealous by her lover.

And she believes that by making her lover jealous, she can make her lover reaffirm the importance of her existence.

However, even though Aries woman is raging, it is impossible to make a Gemini man jealous.

Gemini man is busy fashioning and chasing her dreams, he has no time to keep up with her cheating story.

Conversely, it is easy for a jinja man to jealous of Aries woman.

Gemini man has a strong fear of being deprived of freedom instead of jealousy.

Therefore, the Gemini man is greatly upset and hurt just by feeling that even a little freedom has been robbed.

If she does not want to lose such a Gemini man, Aries woman should be able to control their violent jealousy.

Gemini man first falls in love with her head. In other words, he has a keen head, and with its sharp brain, he recognizes the woman’s good point.

Next, he fell in love with his heart. Then he will feel a beating that can not be explained with words.

Finally, he falls in love with the body. he want to touch her, leave it to the desire to be touched.

When a Aries woman fells in love with a man, she first falls in love with her heart. Next, she fall in love with her head. And lastly she fall in love with her body.

In this way, the order of their mind and the head is reversed, but that is not a big problem.

Regardless of the order, they will be attracted by both the head and the mind.

In this way, Aries and Gemini are couple with good compatibility.

Gemini man is one of the few man who can produce a fantastic atmosphere that Aries woman wants for sex.

Aries woman have ideal colorful sex which mixes the world of books and movies that have been impressed and read so far and beating that she secretly stuck in the back of her heart.

However, as time goes by, Aries woman may become dissatisfied with Gemini man’s giving the cold shoulder to her.

Aries woman can not be satisfied with the fantasy world alone.

It is necessary for her to feel passionate directly with the skin.

Aries woman felt that the Gemini man closed part of his mind even during sex.

Even though herself is exposing all of herself as instinct.

Aries woman’s behavior is direct at all times.

It is no exception in emotional expression in sex.

In A sex that does not have a heart of a Gemini man, Aries woman feels unsatisfactory.

At that time, Aries woman feel disgusted little by little, and in the worst case they may lose interest in sex.

●Advice on the way of Aries woman and Gemini man's love

Aries woman who innocently believes the encounter of fate is destined to meet a man who pursues an ideal woman.

And that man is a Gemini man.

Gemini man has the desire to do intellectual game with loved woman.

A woman who Gemini mans seeks is not a woman obediently obeying a man.

Aries woman can be confident that when he is with a Gemini man who willingly accept his intellectual challenge, he ‘s loving me as it is .

Gemini man never seems to see under, as Aries woman is a woman, if she has a point superior to him, he admits honestly and honors.

If that is before him, Aries woman will be gentle and charming.

With the appeal and verbal nature of Gemini man, he should be able to satisfy the Aries woman from the bottom of her heart.

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