Profile Of The Best Healing Fortune Telling “JUNKA”!

Today AKITOKIMI will introduce the profile of JUNKA, the best fortune-teller of “JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI”. JUNKA is a fortune-telling person who fortune-tells concretely and precisely.


Hi, I am Akitokimi!

Today, AKITOKIMI will introduce JUNKA which is also the best fortune-teller of “JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI”.

JUNKA is a master of Akitokimi and is also a mother of Akitokimi.

That is, JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI is doing a fortune telling with parents and children!

Of course JUNKA has strong spiritual power, ability and advice power!

JUNKA’s fortunetelling has over 30 years of experience and skill.

She divorces with inspiration, spirituality, perspectives, four pillar speculation, numerology, palm, faces, judgment of name, and so on.

And JUNKA can also use Aura healing, remote healing, wave correction, channeling, guardian spirit communication and so on.

Even when she is compared with AKITOKIMI, the difference in abilities is clear.

Somewhat compared with me, on the contrary I seem to be poor (‘Д `;)

I think that you can understand that JUNKA has a tremendous spirituality.

Also, the consultation genres that she is good at are romance, unrequited love, compatibility, adultery, triangle relationship, love resurrection, marriage, divorce, cheating, family affairs, parenting, encounter, interpersonal relationship, business, work, job change, career, money Luck, school problems, health problems, fortune-telling etc.

People who have consulted up to now have a wide variety of people and have saved 350,000 souls to date.

People who JUNKA rescued the soul are from high school students to seniors.

Indeed, people of all ages consult with JUNKA.

Even entertainers, corporate presidents, politicians come to consult JUNKA.

It is because JUNKA that various consultants come to talk about your troubles.

If you would like to consult with JUNKA, please do not hesitate to ask us this inquiry form.

The reason JUNKA became a fortune teller is blood flowing in her body.

In other words, because the ancestor of JUNKA was a priest, all the descendents including her had special power, but JUNKA’s power was the best.

Also, as one of her superior spiritual abilities, it was that Shinigami was visible from around the time.

The shinigami is that JUNKA can see the death of a person or see a black shadow.

It is that she understands a person’s life span as “smell” or “see death god”.

JUNKA had the ability not found in ordinary people.

It is also true that JUNKA has saved a lot of people thanks to the predictive dreams and the future of the talking person entering her head as images.

However, JUNKA was only afraid and anxious to have the ability that ordinary people do not have.

It is a person who has been hurt by many people in various ways, such as being hated, being curious, treating it as a spectacle material.

“Hey, why do you understand such a thing? It feels bad”
“In the meantime, I got the betting ticket you said, let’s hit it again!”
“Why do you know what I am thinking? Please tell me the answer better …”

And celebrities, politicians, presidents of large corporations, etc from general people, greeded more and more, and started to ask JUNKA “answer”.

At first, she used fortune telling only for the general public, but since there was no internet, the word-of-mouth review invited the word-of-mouth, and the name of JUNKA has become known to a lot of people. .

Even if we say a lot of people, because they were fame, position, powerful, she did not appear in the rumor.

However, when speaking of JUNKA in the story behind,

“Ah! I know! JUNKA is a person who has a very strong capability!”

It was a famous person.

The name of JUNKA gradually became known.

So JUNKA decided to seal this ability completely! ! !

If you have a strong spiritual ability, I think that you can understand the content of this story, but really people with strong spiritual power are really limited.

So, I think people who do not have spiritual ability do not know the agony, spicyness, and sorrow that JUNKA had tasted.

In order to escape from the human world, she decided to go to Japan from England to practice.

Just like JUNKA, there was a famous acquaintance with a high ability, and I decided to have 10 years of practicing under the person called the Great Witch of Great Britain.

Why did JUNKA go to the Great Witch of Great Britain?

The reason is that she controls her own abilities by herself!

JUNKA ‘s spiritual power is really too strong, it just gets stronger day by day, she can not control it by herself anymore.

She has had various experiences in England.

If a spirit captain clears a higher demon, he is supposed to be exchanged for his death.

Higher spiritual abilities of England can emit Ectoplasm from mouth, nose, ears, eyes, etc.

There was something that can not be said in blogs, such as in JUNKA’s eyes.

I can not say anything about JUNA ‘s British days any more. Because it is legal reason to talk!

JUNKA, who came back to Japan from the UK, will be restarting from 1 as a fortuneteller in Osaka, Japan.

For the past 30 years, she has used fortune telling using inspiration, spirituality, four-poster fate, numerology, hands, and personality.

JUNKA has been fortunetelling fortune telling around Umeda in Osaka, but recently she has fortune-tellered on the phone, Skype, e-mail and so on.

She is to be honest frankly, but JUNKA will be the only one who can give advice on behalf of the consultant.

JUNKA is never a person with prejudice and prejudice against the consultant.

I think that JUNKA is clearly different point from other fortune tellers, because she is always in the position of a consultant and listens to the story of the consultant until the end.

Listening to the other’s story is the most important thing than having a high level of fortune-telling ability.

Without this, it is only a knowledge-preaching fortune-teller · · · ^ ^;

The occupation of a fortune teller is originally a suspicious profession.

What do you think is the biggest reason why people with troubles come to JUNKA?

Is it an unknown mysterious force of fortunetelling?
Is it just because I am curious about JUNKA?
Or is it because it is famous for a fortuneteller?

Even if all of these reasons are true, what is the most important thing?

That is because JUNKA has the power to hear the problems of the consultant until the end! !

Humans always lose their lives in life and sometimes lose confidence.

When you can not see the future, when you are losing sight of the direction where you are standing, when you can not talk to anyone, do not worry alone by yourself!

JUNKA will guide the light in the dark for you and will divine like a family with deep love!

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