January 21 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

“I want to live happily but I am worried about the future”

It is good news for you who worries like that.

I will tell you in the fortune telling by JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI what kind of thing will happen in the future in your life, what kind of life will be in your life.

Sample Heading

You born on January 21 aim for the top position.

Also, after you rush to the top you will most likely keep it.

Sometimes you suffer from immense frustration until you notice how ambitious you are.

You are tough and energetic, but there is a dull side that likes to have fun, and if you lose sight of direction you will spend most of your time and energy on pleasure.

Most of the people born on January 21 will shake like pendulum between comfort and tension, but you will not be able to take the balance of the two well.

Sooner or later, you will want to become a group leader.

And, if you get the top position in each field, you will not let go of that position easily.

Even if there are obstacles such as interest in another thing, worsening of health condition, aging, losing interest in work, you never get on top.

If you are going to abandon your position, it will only be when your character seeking pleasure blunts the competitive awareness.

You seem to be unable to serve as a leader for too long because you do not have the ruthlessness and dignity you need for a leader.

You are better suited for work that becomes top by honing your talent and skills than workplaces with strong political colors or hierarchical relationships.

You are like a star attracting people.

You create trends not only in the workplace but also in society.

Also, you are good at using people, and your opinion and suggestions are very convincing.

Even if you are in a socially high position, you are friendly and can do well with people of all professions.

Your exciting, lively and passionate nature will appear as sexy appeal.

To sinfulness, you can not say a single word “good-bye”, but hesitant kindness may in fact hurt people.

However, friends and lovers seem to be pleased that they spent their abundant time together, even in a short period of time.

In contrast to the apparent brightness, you have somewhere hidden, trying to distinguish between a social position and private life.

Most of the people born on January 21 have a hideout, but only a handful of special people will be allowed to enter there.

Your biggest problem is that you can not easily find the worthwhile of life.

Before I can not do that, you will be going through the place and appearing here and there while sprinkling charm like fireflies.

●Your health born on January 21

You feel appealing especially to therapies that appeal to sensations such as massage.

Even about exercise, you accept without resistance unless you are too tight.

You should be positive for a healthy eating habit.

It is very important to regularly have a marital relationship or praise a physical part.

Health may be an important bridge connecting ambition and quiet and sensual love.

You should have a partner that can share your lifestyle.

The support of a loved one will prevent you from stepping out the way.

●Advice for you

Let yourself have great expectations.

Be careful as you get lost easily.

You should always have a purpose.

However, if you keep sticking to one thing too much, you lose flexibility.

●Your advantages

There is attraction to attract people

There is glamor

Have an easy-going aspect

●Your disadvantage


To be caught on pleasure

Tend to hurt people

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