January 2 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

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●Your characteristics, fate and fortune
born on January 2

The person born on January 2 is serious and buys oneself something excessive.

You’re the standard and the one present one aims high and by which can’t help proving whether this is OK if it’s “possible person” to the world because oneself is alarmed, originally.

Therefore you advance the severe assigned duty, take over, challenge the one which seems impossible and run oneself down until the limit.

That the person born on January 1 exposes a body to the pressure seems to agree.

When it’s judged from the side, and being unfounded in particular, you don’t seem eager to live comfortably.

The expression you’re tired from taking as a workaholic or an obsession fits well.

Even when you’re a gentle person relatively.

A large family is maintained.

More than one home and assets are managed.

you work on a long project on the work enthusiastically.

The heavy responsibility mentioned in the above is often shouldered.

But, you wouldn’t carry work by yourself.

Because excellent work way is shown as a member of a team, and you can do your duty very faithfully for years.

Even if you retire, it isn’t the type to enjoy leisure.

On the other hand you suit a schedule, the creative work to have to make a plan and private practice by yourself.

In fact you’re the best work and perfectionism aiming at perfect service.

Your creativity is abundant. When there is a clear target, you focus on a target and do your best steadily.

There are no cases that you often try to make a gesture that it’s possible and show the work way though it isn’t possible, first.

But one doesn’t seem able to meet easily to act like a too severe cause or the work.

Please sometimes forget work and spend some time with a to relax and to be funny shoulder.

When your family and friend persuade you, you may accept.

When there is no contact with the person who loves, you deepen loneliness every year.

you come to have few points of arrangement with society, and it’s dangerous that you lose sight of actuality.

When the sociality is lost, all behavior can be sanctioned including selfish behavior and antisocial behavior.

It’s very important always to make the social human sense function.

The case that you don’t stick to your power desire.

You should cherish your relationship with others.

And it’s important to find the whereabouts in this world.

●Your health born on January 2

You have the habit which amasses personal fear and worries including a problem on the health.

You’re often disturbed by a chronic disease more than an acute disease, so periodic care is attention in particular in a necessary part a tooth, hair, muscle and a bone.

You’re a workaholic, so one between it tries so that I may take vacation days periodically, and is to forget work.

It’s first to enjoy oneself about a meal and movement.

It’s very important to enjoy oneself periodically.

An enjoyed thing can take back vigorousness and prevents becoming spiritlessness and coldheartedness.

●Advice for you

Anyway it’s that a relation with people isn’t cut off.

Please don’t take a troublesome fact and say good-bye to the grief and pain.

Please ask others’ help.

Please make the experience at which the best is excited in a life oneself’s aggressively.

●Your advantages

Have a strong sense of responsibility

Have a deep humanity


●Your disadvantage


Too much self-regulation

Selfish extraordinariness

The power of love is amazing.

When you notice, you think only of the person who likes it.

You can’t get that person out of your head, do you?

What does that person think of you?

Is there any possibility that this love will be fulfilled?

That’s all you are seriously thinking about.

If you know that person’s true feelings, it will be a little easier, don’t you think?

I’ll tell you all the feelings that that person is hiding.

You may see unexpected things projected.

When your heart is ready, let’s go on.

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