January 1 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

When understanding a birthday of you or a partner, I find a solution!

One-sided love, two expectation, married couple, immorality, boss, colleague, subordinate and client… etc.. Would you want to know the character of the partner? I read how to get along well with a partner, read and disclose!

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune
born on January 1

You born on January 1 wear the pants in the family.

You love the pecking order of the organization and the society, and you’ll take responsibility, and process a home and a workplace.

You’re diligent and esteem education very much, but you never bend faith.

But the person born on January 1, well, when an ambition is achieved, the principle insistence seems to burden with its troubles.

You’re too honest, are sincere and often maintain the value from the people.

Therefore to get the high status may be difficult.

When to emphasize the organization, you try to carry something out formally, it probably becomes tied up with a sound argument.

Further, bottom intense feeling at the heart spouts completely because the tolerable level of the frustration is small for the person born on January 1.

Your character is complicated and is full of contradiction.

For example you have the responsibility which is to the extent it remains in a hand in spite of having a very strong sense of responsibility.

Though it’s abundant in feeling actually, you can’t suppress that too much and do feeling expression.

You seem liberal seemingly and I’m here, and there is also a conservative place extremely actually.

Above all, the internal discord is intense for you.

An important one will be to think to where the way one chose should be pursued carefully while it’s a life, above all for this person born as Japan.

After considering the strong point and trouble sufficiently, you should make sure whether you have good prospects of success tightly and establish a target corresponding to that.

If possible, it’s to decide a long-term target and a short-term target specifically and carry out as planned.

If you try to reach a top position, you have to put on the strength and the perseverance which can oppose a stress.

And you need control of your feeling side.

Your weak point is that I’m very sensitive.

There is also a face where you can’t stand to work under the person.

Associating with the friend, and when leading people as a teacher, you grow old, and it’s very attractive and is liked from the neighborhood, and they’re able.

But you have to put on toughness upset by nothing for you to promote by an enterprise and win keen competition.

Even if even this fluctuates in a feeling face if possible, and no matter why, an effort seems not to come to nothing immediately.

You don’t become too severe on oneself and others and hurry too much, please.

Please be careful so that an expectation may be too big and be not pushed over in a bottom of disappointment.

They seem to think you’re realistic man for practical business affairs by yourself, but you ordinarily have a romantic dream as expected, too, and it’s important to notice that there is feeling that I’d like to grant that.

It’s the key which grasps prosperity and success to hold own life-sized image corresponding to the depth and complication in the feeling face.

You like number 1 very much and you’re very stubborn and it’s original and tries to be the top.

But you may not always have the strength corresponding to your ability and a confidence.

You have a very strong sense of responsibility, but you may even have that can’t finish corresponding emotionally.

●Your health born on January 1

You’re often bullied by the fear which isn’t seen and anxiety.

Advice by a spiritual aspect and a therapy would be useful to prevent you becoming nervous and falling.

It’s requiring care in trouble of constipation by a body.

Please be careful of a meal in the amount and the quality.

You make the smoking as humble as possible, please to tend to have sickness by a stress (the sickness which are a heart disease and a blood vessel in particular).

Reduce sugar, bleach-less flour and animal fat.

Providing for an active life and without forgetting regular moderate movement.

A walking and swimming are recommended.

●Advice for you

Please avoid an ambiguous expression.

Before mentioning a request, I’ll make my wish clear.

Please don’t shut feeling in inside and share with people.

Relief doesn’t last long.

●Your advantages

strong sense of responsibility.

Can adapt to the organization


●Your disadvantage

lacks the flexibility


timid Coward


Well, how was the character born on January 1?

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