February 7 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

Welcome. Because you came here, we will talk about your concerns. We divine so that you can feel comfortable even a little.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on February 7

You were born on February 7 and you are a socialist and would like to rectify the injustice.

You are an exceptional idealist, but from those who can not understand it, they might think that it is “too strict”, “sarcastic”, “cynical”.

You are critical of reality, but it is not merely criticism.

However, attitude to live according to ideals and expectation for others may be somewhat unrealistic.

If you do not show a very critical attitude, you will be honest and youthful, so it seems like innocence or naivety.

You cherish the sincerity of your young days and trying not to lose it.

Also, you believe that God, nature, universal things are the best.

Despite being innocent, you are good at finding out the person ‘s personality and are familiar with the person’ s mind and personality.

You choose friends very carefully.

When you have a family or children, you try to be fair and try to listen to the child’s opinion as much as possible.

You believe that children will teach a lot of things, you think that it is better to have a good time as a child as possible.

Also, you can not put up with the cruel treatment to the weak and defenseless person.

People suffering is a mental blow to you. (Especially when you can not do anything)

It is not unusual for you to try for the welfare of the community and society.

You ought to have a free way of thinking, do not dislike the pressure from above such as parents and society, and do not allow the disturbance of those who threaten their thought.

Also, because you respect spontaneity, you think that you want the others to tell their true intention, for example, even if they do not agree with you.

You think strongly oppress, formalism, customs, conservative attitude deprive of human nature, I strongly disagree.

Nonetheless, people do not understand such a way of thinking easily.

If the other person is realistic, there is not much relationship with the ideal, pretending not to look a little dissatisfied, maintaining the current situation, there may be thorough opposition.

You have a free spirit, but after you point out the problem and express your opinion, it is also necessary to leave to the other person whether to accept it or not.

If you push your opinion against others, you will be opposed from the front, you will be devastated hostile, you will be banished socially.

●Your health born on February 7

You are not resistant to accepting the latest medical treatments and treatments.

However, because you know instinctively the importance of prevention, you are concerned about health.

Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, shiatsu etc are useful for relieving stress.

We are cautious about the latest diet aimed at weight loss.

On the other hand, it is suitable for fashionable meals and cooking laws.

Light and fun meals are the best. Please make appropriate exercise everyday.

●Advice for you

Be careful not to lose sight of reality as you are too keen on your dreams and wishes.

Please pay attention to malicious thought and religious activities.

Overcome the weaknesses and let yourself become a model.

Please do not lose generous or ideal even if you become an adult.

●Your advantages

In a relaxed way
Have a human taste

●Your disadvantage

Completely unsatisfied
Too much tolerant
Out of touch with reality

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