February 29 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

What you need for your life is “How big is yourself?” By knowing this you can understand your mission, way of living, pros and cons. Let’s show you the way to happiness now!

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on February 29

It is certain that you who were born on February 29 are far fewer than people born on other days.

Furthermore, if the number of birthdays is age, you will be much younger than others.

Speaking of 20 years old to you is pretty old. In other words, you are an eternal youth.

February 29 is a special day. Since one year is somewhat longer than 365 days, it is the artificially set day to adjust this.

It was Julius Caesar that brought this 366th day, and set a leap year to once every four years.

You are obviously full of youthfulness. You can escape the danger many times like a cat with nine lives.

You are lucky and take actions that emphasize a special birthday.

You are a little oddier and you will be aware of it.

You are informed early that your way of thinking is different from most people.

Also, since February 29th birthday is rarely a special event, even if it is common for other people, you will have a special feeling.

You will be innocently pleased like a child when your strength is fully demonstrated.

On the contrary, if a minus side comes out, there may be times when you can not be adulted, or you feel a bit less humility.

You may not be a type of flashy showing that you are special, but you may be tempted to become an average person.

For this reason, you tend to choose jobs that deal with people’s problems and everyday problems rather than doing a big job.

Your rich imagination is not exercised in society at all, but usually at home.

It is prohibited to lose individuality to become normal or bottle up yourself.

Even though you think that you want to eliminate your habit of isolating you socially, if such a difference is an essential element for talent and self-esteem, “improvement” or “adaptation” is the euphemism of oppression It is nothing else.

In general, you try to compensate for substantial or imaginary flaws beyond necessity.

In the case of doing so from an ambition for success there is of course a danger of losing the temptation of the worldly.

On the other hand, if you are a retired type, you will become a highly romantic idealist (cautious, do not reveal yourself) to indulge in your own fantasy world.

Avoid extreme thinking and behavior, let ‘s walk on a more calm and ordinary road.

●Your health born on February 29

You may be blessed with good health.

However, it may be a bit nervous for general health.

Avoid trendy treatments and diet, you should choose reliable traditional therapy.

You will be good at polishing your cooking skills and enjoying your meals. However, it is better to restrict it a little rather than not eating as it is appetizing.

To rest an active nerve, it is important to have plenty of rest.

If you do not mind sleeping at night, a nap is also effective. Exercise seems to be something with calm competition and social elements if possible.

It is important for you to balance the personal and social aspects.

●Advice for you

Let your heart feel calm and confident. Please do not stick to the value of appearance so much. Why do not you express your dreams and share it with people?

●Your advantages

Honestly accept people’s opinions
You have the power to distinguish good ones

●Your disadvantage

Pamper yourself

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