February 21 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

Among the problems / troubles you currently face, is not the biggest thing troubling about relationships with people? JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI will see what you can do to solve your problem and connect it to a happy future.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on February 21

You will not be good at expressing yourself as an individual.

You may spend a lot of time managing problems of yourself or your own mind when you are young.

Even though you think that these problems are products of the environment at the beginning, you will realize that your very complicated personality is the problem.

However, the problem is also a challenge to grow, learn, to enlarge at once, and it is also an opportunity.

You born February 21 thoroughly accept this trial and will grow big as a result.

By catching and overcoming your own emotional vulnerability you are endowed with the chance to do a kind of self discovery that most people can not fulfill.

There is also the ability to see through emotions and desires of other people acutely.

Your greatest merit seems to be very trivial, but it is friendly.

For you, it is the greatest gift for the opponent to feel comfortable with others and show your true self without attention.

However, you may be shocked if the other people do not accept it or are not interested without noticing that it is special.

Because you are prone to injury, you will be overwhelmed by that shock and it will take time to open your mind again.

You can not segregate yourself from what you created, and you can not evaluate your work objectively because the ego is strong and emotional.

Because of this, you can not deal with minus evaluation well and thinks that such criticism is an attack on yourself.

In the case of artists, craftsmen, celebrities, civil servants, etc., some brazen behavior may be necessary to succeed.

If you feel painful in your childhood, it seems that the cause of the problem is often your father or mother.

If you are interfered too far and you are constantly exposed to criticism, you become quiet and secretive adults.

Also, if you ignore it when you need the most consideration, you grow up in a flashy and extroverted type.

It is not unusual to witness all over the world seeking for it without being able to obtain healthy and satisfied love.

Perhaps you choose a partner who will appreciate your worth and friends with whom you can share your weakest secret.

Either way, there are rarely people who are so closely related to the inner world.

It is a pleasure to experience happiness and peace in terms of emotion, but it seems to be necessary to keep growing and making efforts for a lifetime by that time.

●Your health born on February 21

It is easy to accumulate the problem inside, and as a result, it may suffer from chronic visceral disease.

In psychological terms, it is likely that it will be very badly depressed.

Although therapy and counseling are useful to some extent, you should basically have to recover by Everything depends on how you look at yourself.

A delicious dish that adds appetite is a plus to make your feelings brighter.

You obsess obsessively with sexual life, of course, but it is not always a positive thing.

For exercise, we recommend light things such as walking and swimming.

●Advice for you

Let’s cultivate sociability. Do not shut it in your own shell. Make yourself more. Be active with a person, always live, let’s cherish the connection with people.

●Your advantages

Have a deep emotion
You know yourself

●Your disadvantage

It’s over your capacity
Somewhat unsatisfied

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