February 17 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI has been looking at various people, but it is interesting because there is no exactly the same life. In your life, I wonder what will happen next. Let’s look at it at once. …… However, it may be a bit too detailed, so please be prepared.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on February 17

You born February 17 will be very delicate, trying to challenge the world by wearing heavy armor from the start of life.

Because you are not blessed with enough circumstances to express yourself enough, you are forced to struggle fighting away from the first step.

Even if you are a privileged class person or a disadvantaged person, you believe that whatever social level it is, you can overcome obstacles and get out to the world on your own.

However, before fighting the world, it is a task to fight yourself first and build your own ideals.

As a result of criticism, expectation, and in some cases neglected, you will learn what you can not live in childhood if you do not set a defense.

If you are immature in spirit, such defense will appear in the form of secrecy, suspicion, and so on.

If you are a wise person, you will protect yourself with talent, wide knowledge, appearance and so on.

Unfortunately, you also have the habit of rejecting things that are trying to influence yourself in a good or bad way.

Even though you look strong, the inside is very delicate. This property will not change if there is not so much.

Love or gentle affection may move your mind, but you will not accept unless that person loves you only, and your partner is sincere and single-minded.

You hate to get in the way of self expression, so you are trying to avoid getting stuck or stagnating and you often tend to overlook encounters with wonderful people.

If you are clever, reflect the inner emotional expression and delicacy not only in attitude but also in work.

In this way, when you do not show armor you can feel a kind of straightforwardness. Nonetheless, you rarely take off armor.

For yourself, your family and friends, even for others who sometimes ask for help, I will be willing to fight.

Also, since you are very realistic, insight works on the social order in front of you and you can see injustice.

You become struggle when provoked, but it does not obviously attack, it does not show much anger or anger.

You raise the surrounding people by the simplicity and calm of the appearance, attract attention and urge those who have hostility towards yourself.

You truly believe in your principles whatever you are.

You aim for personal goal, cherish your own growth and your own expression more than anything.

Even though you seem to be immersed in yourself objectively, you give inspiration to the surrounding people and make you feel better

You are a secretive, suspicious, unusual personality.

●Your health born on February 17

You are prone to get hurt when you are young. Especially, you should be careful about the lower limbs, abdomen, hands from your arms and bones and veins.

In order to prevent cardiovascular diseases, please refrain from milk fat, animal fat, sugar as much as possible. Although it is not competitive, such as swimming, running, hiking, it is better to do yourself exercise or stress-free rock climbing.

●Advice for you

Please be open to the outside world. Let’s show myself at least, even though we do not accept people.

You make full use of delicacy and enrich your spirituality. Do not make too much secretive or suspicion.

●Your advantages

Value the spirit
Sharp sensibility

●Your disadvantage

The guard is tough.
It tends to be isolated
Can not abandon my commitment

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