February 1 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

“My life is going wrong and I am worried about the future.” Let ‘s blow off your troubles. What will happen to your life, then? I will do fortune telling about things to watch out for and the opportunity approaching, change and feeling what you get.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on February 1

You are intelful but intellectual.

You can not be satisfied only by thinking over the thought, trying to impress others around you.

You are stubborn, obstinate, you have heartburns, you do not want to give a step if you think that you are right.

You are not surprised at rare things, using the sensibly tactile sense, you will skip over the inconvenient scenes and topics I do not want to take up.

Therefore,making an enemy of you will be troublesome.

You are energetic and youthful, but you can also see aspects that are not durable like children.

You suffer from emotional troubles especially when you are young.

You will be caught in trouble because you can not explain yourself, you can not control yourself, exploding emotions, being driven by impulses.

You have a strong difference between mental strength and weakness of emotion.

You are going to live a terrible life until you control your heart’s movement by cultivating a strong will, understand yourself by grasping the faults.

If you are a wise person, you will be able to harmonize the diversity of talent, become an efficient and sophisticated person, but it will take some time before that.

Until then the work is very unstable, and there will be many twists and turns.

People around you will be embarrassed by you and say, “You have ambition, why do not you try a little bit more?” They may tilt their head in confusion.

In addition to the nature of the mental and emotional aspects, there is a strong desire to satisfy the sensual desire, and if it can not be controlled it becomes a source of further trouble.

Among the properties mentioned so far, the most intensely working is the intelligence, the next is the feeling, the last is the emotion.

It is an intuition that is important as a fourth element.

Even though you are endowed with talent but unstable You should also refine this intuition to develop restraint.

One of the causes of the problem is that you are reasonable and logical thinking too strong and there is no chance of interrupting intuition.

If the part of reason goes into dysfunction, it affects emotions and libido, it causes emotional explosion and capriciousness.

What you need is not your self-discipline but understanding of yourself, more than anything to harmonize different aspects of personality and integrate them into one.

You may be distracted by the events in front of you and lose sight of your purpose.

The biggest goal is to be a human with a fulfilling personality and deep sensitivity.

Only motivation and determination will make it happen.

●Your health born on February 1

You tend to suffer from emotional problems.

In many cases you will be unable to solve troubles easily due to the embarrassed emotions getting hurt.

You are intelligent and act fast, so be careful not to distract yourself by indulging in your physical body, sensation, sex, or to avoid harmful activities or addictive things.

Regular exercise is mild.

Sugar content and tobacco are conservative.

Even though the stimulus settles temporarily, these stimuli irritate the nerve in the long run.

●Advice for you

Let’s cultivate intuition.

Calm down feeling more patiently.

Do not rush too much to please your lover.

Your boss is you.

●Your advantages

Have a strong will
Can think fast
Being steady

●Your disadvantage

Lack of self-awareness

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