April 4 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

Things are going wrong somehow … …. If you feel that way, please look at this fortune telling. I will tell you what you are born to do in this world and how you will change from now on.
Let’s use JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI’s fortune for your life that was born on April 4!

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on April 4

You are born April 4, you have the originality to appeal to extraordinary individuality to people.

Even if you have this attributes, even if you are often in a disadvantageous position, you will get through well each time.

There are also people’s antipathy to your unconventional character as the cause of your predicament.

However, it is one cause that you fall into trouble, even if you sometimes paint yourself into a corner.

Either way, you will have to win what you want with your own hands.

However, the problem is that it takes time to notice about what you are asking for and the essence of yourself.

Until you understand it, you need to be patient.

This is also important for you to succeed.

It is necessary not only to make a plan but also to see it until it is realized.

It can be said that your destiny will be decided depending on whether you can see it until it is realized.

However, there is a limit to anything, so it goes without saying that you pay attention not to be too greedy.

Sometimes you may go to the wrong direction sometimes, but as soon as you notice it, you have the courage and judgment to just turn yourself and re-plan your plan and keep on moving forward again.

You may be stubborn, but mostly for reasons.

Fellows and partners who go with it may have difficulties. . .

You can not be satisfied unless you gain a high position as well as being evaluated in that field.

But that is not because you want to be praised by people, but you just want to take an important position.

You are also excellent as a manager and you demonstrate your power to realize people’s ideas.

Also, you have the desire to act as leader of the family head and family.

It will be hard for people to work as your subordinates, but they can satisfy themselves as a subordinate, as you can accurately evaluate those who have accomplished their work in response to expectations.

However, you are a short-nature person, so you hate to explain the same thing repeatedly.

After all, you are the one who feels the greatest pleasure when handling everything by yourself.

If you can not find a goal you will not be able to proceed in the right direction.

When you reach the middle age, if you try to go in the wrong direction, you should have a reliable friend advise from the bottom of your heart.

It is best for you to notice the mistake yourself, but that may be too late.

Spouses and best friends will give you objective advice with a sincere attitude.

It is the key to happiness to grasp the reality firmly.

●Your health born on April 4

It is important for you not to be impulsive.

Especially, it is cautionary to change direction.

Whether you walk or bicycle, be careful of accidents.

In addition, it is safe to avoid tense work, the environment, things etc.

It would be nice to relax with medicated salt and herbs.

Bath with essential oil, massage and chiropractic are also effective.

●Advice for you

It is to contemplate a while. You become a good team player and learn to share with others. It is also important to control without giving out everything. It is to train the spirit and to feel the mystery. Please control the personality that tends to be inclined to violence driven by the impulse.

●Your advantages

Have ambitions

●Your disadvantage


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