April 1 birthday astrology personality:Birthday Horoscope

Are you really happy now? “It is not supposed to be this” Please feel safe even if you think so! Yes, here is the real production. Please look at the future with confidence.
Let’s use JUNKA ∞ AKITOKIMI’s fortune for your life that was born on April 1.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on April 1

You born on April 1st is frank, self-disciplined, thoughtful, diligent.

Even if you wear excellent skill, you do not flaunt it.

As you are a child, you are serious and sincere, you alone carry on your back what other children dislikes.

As you grow up, you become a reliable person, you will be counted from friends and family.

You have the qualities to attract people’s attention, but you would not want to take a spotlight when you are young.

It is because you want to be at the center of the event, not because you want to be at the center of people’s eyes.

For you, work is living, and you are obsessed with work, so it seems easy for you to become a workaholic.

Some people think that you are rather shy and retiring in your ways.

you are not satisfied unless you do everything by yourself.

And you think it is a shame to have people help you.

Certainly you have superior ability and you may be able to learn skills by yourself.

For you it is unlikely that the school is a very cozy place and you may want to graduate earlier and want to live as you like.

Because you are good at learning from experience, just remember by watching master’s and seniors’ way of doing it, you will be devoted to creating your own style.

You are ingenious, but you rarely do bold things on work and, if anything, you are conservative and cautious.

You have a strong interest in the past and want to know about the cause of success or failure.

Nonetheless, you are more concerned about the success of projects and work you are engaged with than your own success.

You spare no effort to get satisfactory results.

You pour a lot of energy and accomplish the project even with a great sacrifice.

you dislike to suck up to the people.

You look lonely from others, but in reality you are pleased to live on your own without being dependent on others.

Since you have too much hope for yourself, be careful not to undertake a lot of work at once.

For you who loves work, the only distraction will have a hobby that can be driven as much as work.

●Your health born on April 1

You need to exercise firmly.

When you choose a job, you should have the opportunity to go outside.

If you get a job of sitting down, find your free time and move your body exactly.

You are interested in exploring and exploiting, so hiking, mountain climbing, horseback riding etc are suitable for you.

●Advice for you

You actively go out with your friends and do not retreat in your own world.

It is also important to share your joy and sorrow with those you love.

Take care not to take excessive responsibility and avoid dealing with yourself due to deadline or pressure.

Let’s learn how to relax.

●Your advantages

Make a goal and make an effort
You treat everybody the same way
Have skilled expertise

●Your disadvantage

Tend to be isolated

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