【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 9 Fire Star’s fortune:May 2019

Will there be any change in your destiny in May 2019? Jun∞Aki will solve one by one. We will also advise to make you happy.

You can get in the mood to do something and all goes very well.

A cool self-assessment is necessary to maintain your excellent condition.

There is no achievement even if you try to do more than you are able to do.

Let’s devote all your energy to be responsible to the end.

You will have the opportunity but you can not just wait it.

Demonstrate your intentions in an action, and have an effect on surroundings and you will bring in opportunities.

Also, when you show leadership, you can earn everyone’s confidence.

When you try to do big things, if you refer to people’s advice without being dogmatic, it will lead to good results.

If you ignore the surrounding conditions and highlight Bullish, you will raised disgust.

Because you will be doing really good, you get overconfident and tend to have short-sighted behavior.

Please refrain from an attitude of lack of gratitude toward elderly people.

Be sincerely to people, without overestimate your value and misunderstand yourself as You  are the most correct. 

Let’s improve human power now and don’t spare your efforts to make yourself grow as a person.


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