【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 8 Soil Star’s fortune:April 2019

Jun∞Aki will divine your April 2019 fortune! Find out now to make you happy!

It is time to get results besed on your efforts.

In addition, There are some new encounters with various people and you will be able to expand your network.

There are more opportunities for going out and you become busy, but you have the strength and energy to do it.

The new human network influences your fortune, if it is good or bad.

In order to bring luck to you, it is important to communicate carefully.

If you handle a quick and polite response to your phone or e-mail, you will have more opportunities.

You can expect to be helped by the surroundings, but you will fail if you take it for granted.

If you always put yourself first and forget your thoughtful consideration to others, you will make an enemy and become isolated.

Do not be self-conceit and remember the respect for others even when everything is moving along quite smoothly.

You will be blessed with opportunities because you are introduced by an acquaintance/a friend.

Not only a romantic relationship, but also the relationship with new cusomers will be expected in work.

If a cooperative relationship is developed, you will have a long-standing relationship.

If you feel tired, take a walk and enjoy the smell of green and earth, and change your mind.

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