【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 7 Metal Star’s fortune:March 2019

Junka∞Akitokimi will divine your fortune in March 2019 in detail. We will tell you the events and advice that will come to you!

You will gradually return to your own pace after painful times.

Let’s make plans on your everyday behaviour and move steadily step by step.

If you feel uneasy or lost, please ask Elders’ advice for your trouble and A breakthrough solution will surely be found.

An attitude that keeps making steady efforts without getting flustered will gradually make your luck fly upward.

Although you can not get any special achievement this month, you should not get lazy about anything that you can do.

It is also necessary to dare to place stress on yourself and take the hard road.

Also, to ride the upward wave of fortune, you need a regular life.

If you carefully do all of your food, clothing and shelter, you will get a plenty of breathing room and can create the foundation for your life.

Also in interpersonal relationships, do not forget diligence and obedience.

Even if you try to insist on your opinion and stick to it, you will only be isolated.

Please value humility and cooperativity.

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