【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 7 Metal star’s fortune:June 2019

Jun∞Aki will tell you what will happen to your June 2019 fortune. We will tell you the answer on how to spend this month.

Things don’t work out as you expect this month and there will be no room in your heart.

Because to keep up your strength is the critical time that will determine victory or defeat, it is necessary to avoid excessive eating or drinking considering well-balanced diet, and to protect yourself with moderate exercise.

If you try to move forward, something will get in your way.

During this month, you may feel that everything will go against you. You are sunk.

It is important to accept this situation that it can’t be helped.

If you are still depressed, you should face your inner self and think about what you lack to achieve your goals.

The mind that is engrossed in only the evaluation of the surroundings or envy for others can lead to trouble.

You should put energy into polishing inside more than showing yourself in a good way.

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