【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 6 Metal Star’s fortune:May 2019

Jun∞Aki will divine your fortune in May 2019! What will happen in May? Will be good luck with love, life and work? Please check the changing fortune thoroughly!

You can feel the rise of your fortune clearly this month.

It’s a great time to put new challenges and long-planned thing into action.

Don’t just think in your head.

When you meet people and experience the new world, opportunities arrive suddenly.

Originally you are energetic and active, so you will be able to interact with people and develop a trust relationship with others.

In order to achieve a certain result in what you want to challenge, it is necessary to have proper preparation and supportive ability.

If you play it by ear, it will be judged by people around you as reckless challenges.

If you do not pay attention to bossy words and actions, you will make an enemy around you.

It is the best time to try new challenges such as goals that you could not achieve in the past and what you wanted to experience.

Let’s act with strong will without being influenced by other’s opinion.

If you are suffocating, please enjoy the fresh green scenery and the smell of trees to need some fresh air.

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