【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 6 Metal Star’s fortune:April 2019

What fortune do you have in April 2019? Jun∞Aki will divine your work, love and life. If you listen to the words of Jun∞Aki, you should be able to make your day shine beautifully and be full of happiness.

Your luck is turning in your favour and comes with power little by little this month.

It is an effort what you need to get luck on your side.

It is essential to work on a given task and to make sure that steady efforts are made until the result is achieved.

It is time to be patient, even if you don’t do what you want.

You should never choose the easy way.

You need to make a concession in order to carry things smoothly.

Attitude of open-mindedness will make more friends and bring opportunities.

The feeling that is so thoughtful for thinking of others before yourself leads to your evaluation.

The height of pride that you are always right will get in the way this month.

Please take a back seat to the other.

You’d better evade a feeling of jealous envy around you.

It is time to work diligently and to overcome weak points.

Let’s solve the problem with wisdom of our forefathers, without being headstrong if you are lost.

Don’t forget the gratitude to everyone.

Keep on doing good deeds little by little to ennoble yourself.

Your daily activities will turn into good fortune.

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