【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 5 Soil Star’s fortune:May 2019

Jun∞Aki will tell you the fate of May 2019! Jun∞Aki will tell you how to spend this May. We will teach you your fortune as concerns love, work and life in detail.

You are getting motivated little by little, and it is important to lay the groundwork for the fortune in the future.

It is important not to expect colorful things or evaluations from the surroundings, but to properly do what you need to do.

Even if you don’t realize the positive signs, you still need patience to make steady effort.

As you continue to make progress for sure, you will see new possibilities.

Even if the trouble in the past returns, you must not leave it unfinished, and if you deal with properly and calmly, it will be in the process of being resolved.

You want to handle everything alone, but sometimes you should try to follow advice from people around you honestly.

You should be able to discover views that differ from your own.

If you try to maneuver well, everything will fail.

Let’s get over this May by making use of your strong mind.

Looking back over the past is also necessary to move forward.

You should try to advance your new knowledge by touching the old culture.

If you are thinking about buying a real estate, you will find a good property, but you should ask professional’s advice for contracting.

Hard work for all things opens the way to good luck.

Don’t mistake the road to choose.

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