【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 5 Soil Star’s fortune:March 2019

5 Soil Star’s fortune may start to change little by little? Depending on Junka∞Akitokimi’s advice, your life will be better! We will tell you about your life in March.

your judgment to handle things quickly and an ability to take action will catch your boss’s eye.

There will be a sign of promotion in status.

Let’s give a good impression by being neatly on a regular basis.

You can’t see the surrounding so much that you are in good shape.

Therefore, please strengthen the foundation.

It is better not to be very short-tempered with trivial matters and to keep calm response by listening to the other’s opinion.

If you spend everyday with a positive attitude to everything, it lifts you up, and a very lucky fortune with the synergistic effect will further power up.

Put your motivation straight, you can draw luck.

If you can not feel good luck, you need to put more effort in.

Please continue with further efforts.

There is nothing good to look back on the past and regret it.

Problems that had been handled half-baked and secret seems to be revealed.

It is important to respond sincerely without making excuses and to admit some of your own failures.

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