【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 5 Soil Star’s fortune:April 2019

What kind of month is April 2019 for you? Jun∞Aki tells you well about your life, love, work, and advice.

You’re getting motivated little by little this month.

It is an important time to stabilize your next fortune.

It is important not to expect colorful things or evaluations from the surroundings, but to thoroughly stick to what you need to do.

Even if you don’t realize a hopeful sign, you need patience to make steady effort.

As you make steady progress, you will see new possibilities.

Even if the troubles in the past arise, if you deal with properly and calmly, the problem will be heading in the direction of the resolution.

You want to handle everything by yourself, but sometimes you should follow the advice of your surroundings.

You should be able to find different perspective from yourself.

If you conduct yourself well, you will fall so many times.

Somehow make it through this month by making use of your strong mind.

Your own body is an important asset for yourself.

Please make your mind and body rest and concentrate on protecting yourself.

Forget your work on holidays and relax both physically and mentally in the forest bathing.

Because you are less determined this month, it’s important that you refuse successful business talk and sweet temptations.

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