【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 4 Wood Star’s fortune:May 2019

What will happen to you in May? Jun∞Aki will tell you about your fortunes and things to be aware of. If you listen to the words of Jun∞Aki, you should be able to make your day shine beautifully and be full of happiness.

It doesn’t bring good fortune this month.

Rest your mind and body well this month and save energy for the future.

You should give priority to health management on holidays.

Spend relaxing time at home, listen to music, read and enjoy anything you like.

If you feel physically unstable or have something to worry about, undergo a medical check-up at the hospital.

Do not work some extra hours or go to work on holidays this month.

At this time, if you remove anxiety your physical condition, your future fortune will rise.

This month you tend to make mistakes, no matter how careful.

You can’t do something at your pleasure and you want to complain, but patience is important.

It is important not to reduce more than to increase.

The tension go away before you mentally unstable.

If you are negligent, you will fall into an undreamed‐of pitfall, which will interfere with your work and your personal life.

In order to avoid disasters, it is important to build a relationship of trust with your boss and colleagues, and to create an environment where you can cooperate with each other.

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