【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 4 Wood Star’s fortune:April 2019

What happens to your destiny in April 2019? Jun∞Aki solves one by one about work, life, etc. We will also advise on the encounters that will make you happy.

Good times come!!

You can feel strong that you can do anything.

It is time to think of everything positively.

Let’s take concrete actions.

Being afraid of action and doing nothing is like lose an opportunity.

It is many times better to regret doing something than it is to regret not doing something.

Let’s actively challenge work, hobbies, lessons and socializing.

Please show good mixer and build your network of contacts.

You will be blessed with many encounters, but some people will leave you this month.

Please think that If there is a meeting, there is also a parting.

The important thing to give a good impression of myself to others in a new environment is thoughtful consideration to others.

At this time, good and bad things will clearly appear, so you’d better act like a person of good conduct and become good role models.

It is safer to keep a distance from a person who is strong feeling of hostility and listen to the story without going too far.

If you concentrate on your responsibilities, you will get a high valuation from people around you and you will get a sense of accomplishment.

Please remove fatigue of your eyes with sleep and posture.

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