【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 2 Soil Star’s fortune:April 2019

Jun∞Aki will divine your April 2019 fortune. Is your love or encounter going well? What opportunities do you have? Come on, let’s check it!!

New beginnings will trigger for getting hold of a chance.

You are lucky with money.

It give you a splendid atmosphere, and fun things are coming to you one after another.

Let’s drop by parties, etc.

The fate with the person you met then will return as your great asset.

The important thing is the polite attitude.

Consideration that does not make the others feel uncomfortable will lead to the evaluation.

Enjoy fashionable than usual and express your new charms.

Out of the mouth comes evil.

Please don’t say something careless and execute your duties with a sense of tension.

Don’t hear, don’t see, don’t say rumors and trash talk.

It’s easier to be laid-back during this April so, you will loosen your purse strings.

You should not make a mistake with way of using money.

It is a great time to enlarge the number of your friends.

Conversations that put yourself in people’s shoes will lead to further a chance.

Remember to wear decent clothes and to have a bright smile.

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