【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 1 water star’s fortune:March 2019

Junka∞Akitokimi will divine your fortune! In February 2019, We will advise you so that you can spend happy with meaningful next month as to what happens to you!

It is important that you act calmly on impossible hardship from the surroundings, and persist in rightness of your argument.

It is essential to protect yourself.

Let’s act while anticipating future the other gives you orders and do something on your own pace.

Regarding mental fatigue, please take rest and clear your thoughts and recharge.

It is time to keep on looking at the inside of yourself quietly rather than trying hard and moving forward.

Please reconsider your past sayings and doings.

Even if you will be caught up in troubles, please do not blame others.

If you don’t take someone’s words seriously, your trust will be lost.

Take a step back and look at the big picture, you can understand where the problem is.

If it don’t come out as you want you will get frustrated

And then, you will take careless action, Be careful as it falls into an unrecoverable state.

Let ‘s make efforts to settle things peacefully.

Have time to spend slowly alone, let’s not be greedy to anything.

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