【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 1 water star’s fortune:April 2019

Jun∞Aki will divine your fortune! What happened to you in April 2019? We will divine your life, work, love, from various angles. Jun∞Aki will also advise you so you can spend a full and happy in April 2019.

It is time to make use of your knowledge and experience you have gotten before.

The support from elderly people such as bosses and seniors will develop your opportunity more and more.

It is important to always maintain a relationship of trust without forgetting humility.

It is a good time to use leadership sukills, but it is also important to keep pace with the surroundings.

Working together will create new relationships.

However, you can not draw good fortune if you get aggressive and do not listen to people around you.

In addition, you don’t have to challenge something beyond your power.

Don’t forget to be humble, let’s make sure that you acquire abilities.

Because you will feel good condition, you will tend to be greedy naturally.

Greed and vanity attract troubles.

Let’s always live with room in your mind.

If you confide your worry to someone you trust, you will find a solution and will be relieved of your worries.

It is an opportunity to overcome weak points.

Be strict with yourself and be kind to others, you will have built trust with people and you will not be anxious about relationships.

Don’t waste your time, be able to plan and define your objective well before acting, do not lose good chance.

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