【9 Star Ki】9 Fire Star:Personality, Destiny, Love, Career and Money

The personality of 9 Fire Star


9 Fire Star is a symbol of the sun and fire. The sun is the only one in the universe.

So it is always brilliant and has its very own worldview.

You do what you want to do and don’t follow the crowds.

It’s so powerful as you can create your energy like the sun.

You brighten up the surroundings just by staying there.

You are an inquisitive person, you are positive and passionate both at work and at private.

9 Fire Star has the strength to charge through towards the purpose.

Because you have confidence and your combative spirit is strong.

You will sacrifice all comforts and devote yourself to whatever you like.

However, as the fire burns one after another, the interest shifts from one to the next, and it also has the aspect that it is easily getting excited but soon calm down.

Suddenly you may be outs with someone you are friendly with, or you may lack consistency.

9 Fire Star tends to catch up with himself as the only one like the sun.

If you can have compassion for and put yourself in other people’s shoes, you will display originality.


The destiny of 9 Fire Star


It is the life of 9 Fire Star that a small fire becomes a big flame, and it will eventually burn down.

When you are young you suffer from the gap between reality and ideal, but since 9 Fire Star is also the sun, you will not stop making energy.

You will gradually develop a gift like the flame that is growing stronger.

Although you jump to what you are interested in early, you get tired soon and it seems to be difficult to focus on one thing/goal.

It is also a characteristic of 9 Fire Star that likes to gamble/ to play a game.

In middle age, it is time for the flames to burn up greatly and hard work will pay off when you ware young.

As you are blessed with honor and a position, money is sure to come back.

And by the accumulation of what you build during the middle age, you will be living in the later years.

Since you can not understand without experiencing, you have a lot of hardships, but your later years are secure as you gain experience.

Because you are proud and try to make yourself look good, you may ask for something more than your ability.

Nonetheless, you can have the foresight and make the right choice to follow current trends and you can beat a path well.

Because you can see things with “your own viewpoint” unfamiliar to ordinary people, you can grab on to large success by making use of it.

9 Fire Star is a star of sensitivity. You will become successful and well known for things you’re interested in.

But if you are satisfied here, the fire will go out. It is serious to put on fire once it has gone out.

To grasp your later luck, it is necessary to live while always having a goal and keep on burning.

If you give up or lose bad luck, you can not grasp your later luck.

If you gain honor and status, you can keep burning, you are getting old.


LOVE FORTUNE of 9 Fire Star


Because 9 Fire Star has fire energy, its love is passionate.

As soon as you like him/her, your love will burn up and you tend to get married on a whim just before you know him/her deeper.

It is also characteristic of this star that there is a lot of early marriage and divorce.

Your cheerful sense of existence attracts people.

Because you want to make something clear, you don’t like playing games.

You will be straightforward and approach those who you like.

Because you can make energy by yourself, you will get over quickly even if you have trouble or parting.

Due to that, you can not easily attach to the only person, and sometimes you will miss the chance for marriage.

you tend to be quite a capricious character, and one day suddenly you will decline the relationship you have been with.




Because you are a versatile person, it will be easy to get lost.

With susceptibility and aesthetic sense, you can do any job to the average level, but if you do not set goals you will end with jack‐of‐all‐trades and master of none.

To complete the work, you also need to make efforts to keep one thing long.

It is important to cultivate a lot of perseverance.

Originally you are passionate about what you are interested in, so you will be able to continue for as long as you want to do something you like as a job.

It is important to notice your talent sooner so that your shining things will set an example for everyone.

You are too proud of yourself and Your emotional ups and downs are erratic, so you hate being scolded something completely, but if you will not feel stressed a self-contained job.

Your unique point of view can be used for artistic work.

Some people build a reputation in the academic world because they can think fast, and live in the sports world taking advantage of their competitive spirit.

Suitable occupation for you is designers, photographers, editors, writers, illustrators, actors, hairdressers, cartoonists, fighters, and athletes.




You will be lucky with money.

But, because you have a lot of interests and like the condition of being gorgeous, The expenses will run-up.

However, as you will get bored easily, even if you invest in hobbies etc, you will soon find new hobbies and pour money into there.

Especially you will spend more on fashion to make yourself stand out.

You may become a waste type from your earlier years, you are not a type that can save well.

However, the money saved from your youth will lead to the future.

You are excellent at the sense of following current trends and can accumulate a fortune by making a success of a business.

Therefore, it is not necessary to cut down on expenses for investing in yourself.

You are particular about position and honor than money, and as much money coming in, there will be a lot of money to go out.

You will use as much as you have the money and you will put up a good front so as not to show people the obsession with money.

It is necessary to determine the budget and use it systematically.


LUCKY COLOR of 9 Fire Star


Your lucky color is red, purple, orange

Your lucky direction is south.

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