【9 Star Ki】8 Soil Star:Personality, Destiny, Love, Career and Money

You have an innate “vessel”. There are lots of luck and talent there. What kind of “luck” you have? Jun∞Aki reveals love Fortune, Career Fortune, Economic Fortune, and “The real you” you do not know. People born in 1929, 1938, 1947, 1956, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1992, 2001, 2010 and 2019 are called 8 Soil Star.

The personality of 8 Soil Star


8 Soil Star is a mountain star that towers with its massive and majestic nobility.

Mountains can be built by piling up soil little by little.

Although the soil is washed away by the rain or blown off by the wind on the way, it grows to a big mountain without losing such hardships.

You are a person who grows while confronting many difficulties like such a mountain.

Even if it is broken or collapsed, you will not stop building up the soil.

To build a strong foundation beyond the fury of the elements, you will not think any hardship is hard work, you can quietly tackle it.

This way you will climb the success ladder over a long period.

The mountain is in the same place, it can not move.

Because you know that you can not escape, you can face adversity.

Sometimes you won’t go easy on if you check your progress and find an obstacle that disturbs your growth.

That’s why you have very strong opinions about what you like and dislike.


The destiny of 8 Soil Star


It is the lifetime of 8 Soil Star that grows from a small mountain to a big mountain.

8 Soil Star will make a success with making a steady effort as if to make a big mountain.

When you are young you can not achieve a thing that worth your efforts.

Because the foundation of the mountain is still fragile.

As mountains are destroyed by rain and wind, you repeat mistakes many times in your early years.

However, although you are not a showy existence, your earnestness and perseverance will gradually be acknowledged and will be backed up by the surroundings.

By moving ahead without giving up, you will gradually build a strong foundation.

In middle age, efforts at a young age will finally pay off.

You have the experience and know-how you’ve got over many difficulties, so you will be able to break through all the problems and grasp success as you go to the end of the year.

It will be impossible for anyone who has taken the easy way out to be able to spend such a fortunate middle-aged period.

Because, for 8 Soil Star, great success and suffering are two sides of the same coin.

8 Soil Star has the meaning of continuation and inheritance.

You have a successor fortune, so you may have the role of succeeding to the family estate.

Even if you are not the eldest son/the eldest daughter, you tend to inherit his or her father’s/mother’s occupation or relatives tend to rely on you.

Also, you may inherit the company that others expanded, or set up a business enterprise with support from your superiors.

8 Soil Star is a late‐developer star.

Even if the surrounding people succeed quickly, There is no need to hurry.

8 Soil Star is a mountain’s star, but you must not compete with the height of the mountain with other people.

If you throw it out on the way and move on an easy path, you will not grow on a high mountain and will end at a low hill.

It is important to go at your own pace.

And you have the luck of your family help you.


LOVE FORTUNE of 8 Soil Star


You are not interested in non-serious relationships.

When you fall in love, you are heading to marriage. In other words, it means that you choose only those you think you can marry.

8 Soil Star will go out with one person sincerely and gain a deeper understanding of each other over time.

You can not fall in passionate love, not because you are a coward man but because you are careful about love.

You need tome to know whether he/she is a person who can accept you and who is supportive and kind.

Because you are not good at the expression of your intentions from yourself, sometimes your love ends in unrequited love.

8 Soil Star is Great talents mature late if anything you will get married later in life.

You will rise above your difficulties at all times, so you can not be satisfied unless she/he is a partner who can move forward with yourself and grow up.

You tend to choose goodbye unless your partner follows your growth.




You work diligently on work and are very polite and can do most work without difficulty.

Because you are too methodical and seek perfection too much, it may cause friction with the surroundings if your unflexible aspect is emphasized.

But that is because you are diligent and have a faithful character.

Do not think that other people can do what you can do, accept the surroundings with a big heart.

Then everyone will be on your side.

Since you are fertile in frontier spirit, by continuing to have curiosity, you can come up with new ideas more and more at work.

8 Soil Star is a high mountain, so you do not like to receive instruction.

you are bad at coming to terms and negotiating.

But you are caring, so you may succeed as a leader/mentor or act as an adviser.

Suitable occupation for you is police officers, psychological counselors, fortune tellers, religionist, chief civil engineer, educators, lawyers, bankers and so on.




You are blessed with accumulated wealth. The ability to save money well is the best among the nine life stars.

You are a reliable person, so you are mature with money.

8 Soil Star is a person who can save money steadily and grow it as a great asset.

If you have a definite aim and desire from your young age, you will be lucky in money.

Also, if you look after your parents and siblings, inheritance fortune will rise.

Since you have a real estate fortune, it would be better to accumulate a fortune by the land and building rather than stocks.

You look like an economical person but will spare the expense for what you think it is necessary.

Since you are not just a big spender, you will rarely regret buying useless things.

If you can use ways of spending wisely on people, it will come back many times.

Therefore, it is crucial to develop the ability to see through a person and what kind of people to invest in.

After middle-aged, you will gain social position, fame, and wealth.


LUCKY COLOR of 8 Soil Star


Your lucky color is pink, yellow, camel color, gold color, white.

Your lucky direction is northeast.

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