【9 Star Ki】7 Metal Star:Personality, Destiny, Love, Career and Money

Surprisingly you don’t know that. Your life trends, you saw from the surroundings, the talent you have, success, and romance. Jun∞Aki will tell you in detail you did not notice yourself! People born in 1930, 1939, 1948, 1957, 1966, 1975, 1984, 1993, 2002 and 2011 are called 7 Metal Star.

The personality of 7 Metal Star


As a glittering star gathers a lot of people’s attention, you are a sociable person who builds your network with narrative skills.

You are an exhibitionist and have a lot of connections.

7 Metal Star has a popular fortune so, you can expect support from the surroundings.

It is a characteristic that there are many people with strong sympathy, diligence, and a good head.

You have an acute sensitivity, are excellent in the ability to read others’ minds, and are good at laying the groundwork.

7 Metal Star has too much pride, is competitive, and is poor at apologizing.

Even if you praise people or thank them, people don’t think that is your real thoughts and it will cause a misunderstanding.

But, there is nothing to worry about.

Naturally, you can walk in his/her shoes, so you will not lose other’s credit or popularity.

You are not accustomed to being blamed or receiving criticism because people are looking at you with envy.

Also, 7 Metal Star will be endowed with money without much difficulty.


The destiny of 7 Metal Star


The light emitted by stars in the night sky has no strength to illuminate everything brightly like the sun.

Therefore, it is inevitable that you lack persistence and get bored easily.

But, since you can originally create energy yourself, it is 7 Metal Star that has enough fight and wisdom that doesn’t give in to difficulties.

Because 7 Metal Star represents the gold itself, the more you develop yourself, the more your talent will glow.

7 Metal Star must be willing to endure hardships.

Originally you are in an environment that is blessed with wealth, but your growth will stop once you take this environment for granted.

Because you are good at talking, you’re all talk, no action

The more you try to overcome a lot of trials in your younger days, it will bring good fortune in your middle age and old age.

By overcoming many difficulties, your pride and coldness will also become dim, and your character will be cultivated.

Things gained in your later years will be more stable than what you got in your early days.

By gathering a lot of stars, it becomes more and more brilliant as an aggregate.

So, in a lively place surrounded by a lot of people, you will be able to show yourself at one’s best.

Whether it is private or business, a great network is very important for you.

If a lot of people gather, the problem increases, but if you can negotiate you can deal with it easily.

7 Metal Star is a mixed type that can be early-blooming or late-blooming.

Either way, what is important is to develop yourself.

7 Metal Star symbolizes precious metals and jewels.

In other words, the personality has been polished from the young age will grab the luck in your later life.

To keep shining for a lifetime, you need to work on yourself.

It is crucial to find a theme that can grapple with throughout your life.


LOVE FORTUNE of 7 Metal Star


7 Metal Star is bright and sociable and likes playing.

You are popular with girls/boys, sex appeal is outstanding and very attractive.

Sometimes you are moved more by your heart than by your head, and there is a possibility of getting into an involvement.

Because you are very possessive, you will fall into a lot of passionate love.

You understand that passion isn’t enough to marry, so you also have eyes to calm down and judge the other.

However, like a star flowing in the night sky, there will be a cheating side that you do not know your mind.

Although 7 Metal Star is full of Hospitality if you do not feel that your partner always thinks you first, you tend to step out on her/him.

If you know that your partner has been devoted to you, prone to adultery may be settled.

Even when you break up, you think that the cause is your partner, and you do not apologize even if you are shocked in your mind, and you don’t hang on her/him.

You tend to like people who will satisfy your desire and you hope to be treated like a prince or a princess even if you get married.

Since love greatly depends on the luck of 7 Metal Star, you should take the time to select your partner carefully.


CAREER FORTUNE of 7 Metal Star


You are a good taker and soft.

Besides, you are good at getting the other hooked quickly, so you will demonstrate an ability to negotiate.

Job related to a lot of people is for you. You will be active with incredible social skills.

The power of networking will help your career.

Since great connections become a treasure, let’s value the trusted relationship with others.

However, you are completely absorbed in your favorite job, but you also have a quirky face that you throw away if you lose interest.

Your tiresomeness is written all over your face in your young days, be careful.

Due to the height of pride, you may fail.

By taking your work tenaciously, you will be patient with age and will be liked from around you.

Watch what you say, your statement will sound condescending.

The right profession for you is cabin attendants, celebrities, actors, wedding planners, makeup artists, artists, writers, politicians, moderators, surgeons, dentists, and athletes.




7 Metal Star symbolizes the gold itself, so you are blessed with luck by nature.

You do not have to worry about food、clothing and shelter.

Although it is not a type that will be a fabulously rich person with aiming to make a fortune at a single stroke with investment and gambling,

Even if you are in trouble with money, you have naturally good fortune, such as lending a helping hand to you from somewhere.

People who have been struggling with money in their youthful days can get a steady sense of money and will be able to save money well.

On the contrary, those who have a wasteful habit, be careful as money luck becomes unstable after middle age.

Since there is a tendency of a flashy consumption style originally, it tends to buy on impulse when something happened to stress you out.

However, if you always tighten your belts at all times, you will bring down your lot in life.


LUCKY COLOR of 7 Metal Star


Your lucky color is red, yellow, white, gold.

Your lucky direction is west.

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