【9 Star Ki】6 Metal Star:Personality, Destiny, Love, Career and Money

What is your personality, destiny, love, career, and money? Life can not be easy, but if you know your destiny you may find a way of living. Junka∞Akitokimi will divine you from all angles. Please be sure to read those born in 1931, 1940, 1949, 1958, 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994, 2003 and 2012. It will surely help you.

The personality of 6 Metal Star


6 Metal Star is the star itself that shines in the sky.

Moreover, you symbolize the energy of a violent air current like a tornado.

6 Metal Star is a star of the strongly independent president, can take action, and is good at leading the team.

You have what it takes to be a leader and are challenging for anything.

As you get into trouble, you will confront things with full power.

However, as you are a type of involving others in your energy, do not forget that some people can not keep up with you, others drop off.

But you have a kindness to give a helping hand to such a person.

No matter how many people are at the mercy of you, they like you because you have a feeling heart that lends your hand to those in need.

You will be able to attract luck by suppressing pride stronger than people, finding people’s wants needs, and desires, and stepping aside to the surroundings.


The destiny of 6 Metal Star


The energy of the tornado symbolizing 6 Metal Star is the airflow rising to the heavens.

You are outgoing who energetically works since you were young.

Because you are an ore that becomes more and more brilliant by being polished, you will overcome many difficulties in your youth.

But every time you clear it you will shine greatly and grow.

You have enough power to survive it, so you will not be short of breath.

Since 6 Metal Star is also a star meaning heaven, you are endowed with the leadership that unifies your team.

However, you suddenly become a turbulent air current like a tornado, which may confuse the surroundings.

Also, you may have trouble with the surroundings because you have high pride.

In middle age, the hardships of a young age are fruitful and reveal the form as a brilliant ore.

You may also be active as a president or entrepreneur.

However, because you are bossy want to follow others, if you forget cooperativeness and a humble attitude, your surroundings will not follow you and you will be isolated.

Because you tend to think of fame first rather than money, luck increases as you are high on the social scale more and more.

Since you have energy that keeps moving all the time, you will be busy throughout your life.

6 Metal Star is a mixed type that can be an early bloomer and a late bloomer and is a type that has both sides.

If you think that you have not been on the way to success yet, it is to clarify the guidelines “I will live like this!”

On the contrary, if you have achieved a track record when you were young you should continue to hone yourself humbly.

The more you struggle to live, you will mellow with age.

By acquiring honor and social status, your late luck will turn in your favor.


LOVE FORTUNE of 6 Metal Star


You are by no means sociable, but in love, you will go straight on.

Because you are honest, faithful, and well-organized, you like a serious relationship, you don’t like playing games and cheap tricks.

You do not produce a romantic atmosphere to make his/her head turn, you will approach fairly and squarely.

Since you have high expectations, you will miss a great opportunity if you ask too much for it.

The power to attract people is the best among life stars.

You have strong luck to be loved by those who love you.

But because of your pride, you are not good at walking in someone else’s shoes.

Because you tend to exercise control over your partner, it will not work unless she/he understands you.

If anything, you will give priority to work rather than home, but you will also carry out married life flawlessly.

If your dream girl/boy is found, you have a warm heart and you will be devoted to him/her.

If you are a man you will be a bossy husband who cherishes your family, if you are a woman

you will be a good housewife who can balance work and family.

You are a type that you can find your way of living originally and you can prepare to live by yourself, but if you have a partner you can also walk together.


CAREER FORTUNE of 6 Metal Star


6 Metal Star is active, has a strong sense of responsibility, and is energetically doing work.

You originally have what it takes to be a leader, so you can contribute to the maximum of your ability by taking the lead.

6 Metal Star is strongly ambitious and is devoted only to work.

You hold a strong conviction and are an excellent worker who always does a tremendous job in your way.

You are competitive and It will be improving your performance on the job.

But, as your pride is high and tends to act arbitrarily without consultation, it will cause friction with the surroundings.

If you act as behaving self-indulgently and don’t have the ability, the surroundings will not follow you.

It may conflict with your boss, so that lowers the value of women.

Because you are a heavenly star, hate being ordered.

So let’s try to understand people’s opinions and values ​​and carry them out in harmony with the surroundings.

Your suitable occupation is enterprise manager, cabin crew, veterinarian, civil servant, politician, critic, religious man, lawyer, judge, technician, physician, doctor, athlete, civil engineering and construction, food management.




6 Metal Star is a star who values ​​fame over wealth.

You are not likely to cling to money and you won’t worry about money, because you have the power to generate a profit by yourself.

Since you can create something out of nothing, if you launch a business and put money into the business, you should be able to make more money.

Your fortune will improve with start-up capital or excess cash.

It would be nice to increase your income with side jobs.

6 Metal Star is wearing a noble atmosphere.

So you tend to spend money on Expensive items and at the same time, you will spend money to help people because you are so humane.

Be careful when wasting from vanity and try to keep in mind how to use money that leads to your future.

But wearing cheap things or putting them in your room will be down on your luck.

Your fortune will start being lucky if you are surrounded by goods of superior quality.

It is a type that buys what you want on an immediate decision and is not good at saving money little by little.

There is a talent for you to run big money, but please be careful not to aim for making a fortune at a single stroke.


LUCKY COLOR of 6 Metal Star


Your lucky color is silver, white, blue, light blue.

Your lucky direction is northwest.


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