【9 Star Ki】5 Soil Star:Personality, Destiny, Love, Career and Money

Perhaps you have not noticed yet. What kind of ability is hidden in you? Junka∞Akitokimi divides your character, destiny, love, career, talent, money. People born in 1932, 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1995, 2004 and 2013 are called 5 Soil Star. If you are 5 Soil Star please be sure to read this article.

The personality of 5 Soil Star


5 Soil Star is a star symbolizing fertile soil, it is also the star of the emperor who has a strong power to rule all things and draw everything.

There are two aspects of a good side and a bad side.

You are a leader type with strong independence that can cope well with adversity, and have dignity and leadership.

You are self-assertive and you always believe your thoughts are correct.

You do not accept opinions from others and are not good at collective action.

But you are strong for loneliness and are not interested in what people think of you.

You are short-tempered, stubborn, and proud, sometimes holding a person in disesteem.

Therefore, 5 Soil Star tends to make enemies.

On the other hand, you have natural leadership abilities, have a compassionate and gentle aspect.

5 Soil Star will advise disadvantaged people or people who depend on you with loving-kindness.

Without hiding competition for people who are more powerful than yourself, If you find injustice you can not forgive.


The destiny of 5 Soil Star


You have two aspects of the personality of good and evil, you will live a life full of ups and downs, and turns and twists

Because you are strong mentally and follow through on your intention, 5 Soil Star is being severely criticized by people

In the face of such criticism, 5 Soil Star will do his/her best!!

Because you have perseverance and tenacity that will never lose against the ups and downs of fortune.

When you are young, people around you feel antipathy to you because of your strong personality and forceful attitude.

As a result, you may be isolated.

If you are overly opinionated and will conflict with the surroundings.

But you are still fine.

5 Soil Star is the star of the emperor who decides anything by himself, so even if you become alone, you will not get lost, nor your heart will break off.

A nail that stands will be hammered down.

However, that time’s effort will be food for the leap of the later years.

You are a late bloomer type that demonstrates your ability after middle age.

Every time you get older you will gradually get mellow.

Naturally, you have a feeling heart and are a real big-brother type.

So you will be able to be successful as a leader.

5 Soil Star hates being instructed or ordered by people.

There are also times that your strong personality creates friction with the surroundings.

To apologize unreservedly will also lead to fewer troubles of human relationships,

But, Luck will be weakened if you consider too much coordination with the surroundings,

So, you can improve your fortune if you stick to your self-centered behavior.

5 Soil Star is a late‐developer.

Because you have strong energy, in your youthful days, the surroundings will feel antipathy toward you

However, carrying through with your beliefs is the key to stable luck.

Just because you do not go well as you would expect, if you change your way of living, success will not last long.

In middle age, you will be able to display your abilities, so it is important to endure it until then.

Also, by helping vulnerable people, luck in your closing years will become rich.


LOVE FORTUNE of 5 Soil Star


You have a romantic side and you are very passionate when you fall in love.

As your possessive feeling and jealousy are stronger, you are very sensitive to his/her relationships with the opposite sex.

You tend to read too much, and that may cause trouble.

In regards to love, you will do things at your own pace

You want to hold a leading position at any time, so it will work well with the person who accepts it gently.

Because you just want to do something for him/her, (But you don’t know you put yourself in his/her shoes!) he/she thinks you force your values and on him/her and he/she dislikes you.

However, once you like someone you will not cheat. You also have high pride, so you will not chase the person who is leaving.

You must be independent, you are a late-marriage type if anything.

Because you can only do what you want to do, if you are a man, you will become a bossy husband, if you are a woman you will wear the pants in your family.

Whether you are male or female, you will properly protect your family.




5 Soil Star is the star of the Emperor, blessed with dignity and leadership, and you have the strength of luck to turn crisis into opportunity.

With a strong mind and a sense of responsibility, you can have overcome a lot of difficulties in your life.

You are not particular about a small thing, so, you will do that at your own pace

However, your concentration and the power towards the goal are more than people are, and no matter what people say, you will not give in to the surroundings.

You have strong leadership, often take care of your employees and assistant, but if Things never work out as you expect you will lose your cool, and It will affect your judgment.

If you realize that you have a self-centered and hot-tempered aspect, you can handle any occupation.

Since you are an ambitious person, you will become independent and establish a company, will be active as the president and owner.

You should choose an occupation that can make full use of the unique talents and a job that can exercise your leadership skills.

The right profession for you is doctors, actors, lawyers, politicians, presidents, civil servants, bureaucrats, athletes, and pitchers.




You will be blessed with wealth since you are young.

However, since you have both extreme aspects, if you cling to money too much, you may be labeled as “stingy”.

Because you tend to be susceptible to emotion, you will often pay out of your pocket and treat the other.

You are such a laid black person and tend to be indifferent to detailed spending.

You can have a stable life if you can learn a steady sense of money from your young age.

Let’s save money with a time deposit in a planned way.

When funds are made, operation with real estate is suitable.

Real estate is the best if you want to leave your property.

Since you will decide to make a stunning move, you will have a lot of money.

But it is safe not to meddle with gambling or start with sophisticated money management aimed at getting rich quickly.

innate money luck is flowing only with steady efforts. Let’s refrain from wasting, let’s keep on saving and squealing.


LUCKY COLOR of 5 Soil Star


Your lucky color is gold, yellow, camel color, cream color.

Your lucky direction is central.

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