【9 Star Ki】4 Wood Star:Personality, Destiny, Love, Career and Money

“I do not know myself” Have not you felt that way? Junka∞Akitokimi will tell you from your true figure you have not noticed yet, to your hidden possibilities! Everything you want to know is here. People born in 1933, 1942, 1951, 1960, 1969, 1978, 1987, 1996, 2005 and 2014 are called 4 Wood Star.

Personality of 4 Wood Star

4 Wood Star is a tree with a thick trunk.

It does not go against the movement of the wind, like foliage of a swaying tree, has a submissive and gentle personality.

You are very good at socializing.

It is a good socialist to get along with the surroundings.

But, to avoid the struggle with people you tend to fit your conversation to the other person.

Therefore, you are said to be everybody’s friend.

But please do not mind, Please lead the trust you gained from such various human relationships to your own growth.

4 Wood Star seems to have a solid style like a thick trunk of grown trees, you also have an indecisive aspect which depends on the surroundings.

Because you do not consider it hard to do all you could for other people, you trust people so much, as a result, you will go through bitter experience.

It is your goodness and weakness that you can not deal strictly with others.

You are gentle, but in reality, you are strict about your relations.

As you get close with someone, you get cold to him/her, but it is also evidence that you have confidence in him/her.

Destiny of 4 Wood Star

Since the grown trees show fulfillment and maturity, they can achive fame successfully since they were young.

Thanks to the seriousness and goodness of people, you will accumulate achievements and will be loved by many people regardless of the position.

You will spare yourself a neat style like a thick trunk.

However, you have one side that lacks a decision.

In a middle-aged period, you get areas of activity based on the achievements of a young age.

However, since you are not originally a strong type of self-assertion, you tend to obscure things or overturn the decisions you decided once.

In the middle age, it is evaluated by decisiveness and legitimate behavior, so if you face aspects just as described above, you will lower your luck.

crunch time will be tried at this time.

Your obliging nature is a great weapon that gains trust from people.

After middle-aged, you will get areas of activity to play a role as a junior’s counselor and support.

As a social person, You are a star that will raise your luck with rich connections and credit.

However, if your feeling of wanting to be liked from the surroundings is too strong, your indecisiveness and trying to please everybody will work minus, and you will be regarded by others as a narrow-minded person.

It is important to clarify the values in Social Relationship.

4 Wood Star is a late-blooming star.

You are everybody’s friend, you do not mind self-sacrifice for the surroundings, but there are times when you can not make use of the talent that has been bloomed due to that.

It is not necessary to obey all advice from the surroundings.

If you try to match yourself to someone’s own personality while suppressing your personality, it will be unstable luck in your later years.

Do not pander easily to the surrounding people, let ‘s try to do a straight action.

Also, a wide range of human relationships built up from your young age will be a great asset and will support a fortune in your final years.

LOVE FORTUNE of 4 Wood Star

You are a popular person because you are a bright person.

Because you are also a person who can be attentive to everyone in a very subtle way, love luck is superior.

Although you engender a calm atmosphere, when it comes to romantic relationships, the hidden passionate side will emerge and you may surprise the surroundings.

Because you are a good-natured person, it is easy for you to be moved to emotion, so you will regret the impulse of the moment.

You have a strong desire to be liked by the surroundings and tend to behave in a please-everyone manner, so you can be misunderstood by your loved one.

It is a point to make love fulfill by coming in contact with your sweetheart with special treatment.

You feel relieved when you are dating with him/her for a long time, you do not care for him/her, tends to show him/her a cold face.

If you want to make him/her a future husband/wife, it will not work if you do not have compassion.

Even if you get married, there is a strong feeling that you want to be popular with girls/boys, so you may run into having an affair.

Even if you decide to part with him/her, there is a possibility that you can not cut off your bond with him/her easily.


Because you can become familiar with any environment, you can be active regardless of the field, but your talent that is excellent in sociability will flower in a sales position.

You can respond flexibly in any situation and achieve results.

Because you are a gentle personality, Any person will not have hostility to you, and you will be able to take an action with various backups when you are in trouble.

You tend to avoid confrontation with the surroundings, in order to achieve results at work, discussion and some extra pushing are also necessary.

However, since you are excellent in cooperation, if you speak properly, people around you should understand and listen to your opinion.

The point to note is your lack of decisiveness.

To advance your career means that more time should be decided by yourself.

acquiring decisiveness will lead to an increase in the chances of promotion.

You are caring and service spirit is vigorousness.

Your suitable occupation is stylists, apparel buyers, estheticians, nailists, wedding planners, architects, makeup artists and so on.


You do not have much obsession with money.

You are not very interested in saving money. In terms of money, planning is poor.

Nonetheless, there is a possibility that you will have no lack of money.

If you are in financial trouble, someone will help you and will survive without difficulties.

You are an innate socialist because you increase Interact with people, expenses for entertainment expenses are awesome.

There are many expenses to make personal connections, but networking helps the financial crisis. Therefore expenses for networking is a key to improve your fortune.

You are too rough about money, so are not suitable for business owners.

Let’s find a partner that is superior in the sense of money, in order to spend the old age without financial inconvenience.

When you have cash in your hand, it all disappears into the social relationship, so the accumulation of deduction is effective for saving easily.

You may be tricked by trusting people, lending him/her money or spending money because you are good-natured.

Please be careful enough.

LUCKY COLOR of 3 Tree Star

Your lucky color is yellow green, silver, white, peppermint green.

Your lucky direction is the southeast.


The Compatibility of 4 Wood Star With Other Stars


























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