【9 Star Ki】3 Wood Star:Personality, Destiny, Love, Career and Money

Do you know the true figure of yourself? Junka∞Akitokimi will advise you what you need to grow yourself. Let yourself shine to get a happy love and the future. We will divine your destiny, your innate talent, and personality. Be sure to look at those born in 1934, 1943, 1952, 1961, 1970, 1979, 1988, 1997, 2006 and 2015! Those born in these years are called 3 Wood Star! 

Personality of 3 Wood Star

You are a tree star symbolizing flowers and young trees.

3 Wood Star is a plant growing, so you are young and very energetic.

Since you are growing, you will grow with much experience.

You have the momentum to overcome difficulties and are curious.

As the plants germinate, your feelings are straight and there is no lie.

the surroundings are jealous of you because you can think fast and your talent bloom from when you are young.

Although you experience a lot of failures due to the immature of young trees, you have the strength of plants that grow up to the top, so you will be able to push forward without fear of such a thing.

But the plants in the field are not strong enough to withstand the storm.

So even if you look bullish like self-confidence, you have a gentle and vulnerable side in reality.

3 Wood Star also symbolizes voice and sound, so basically you are chatty.

Perhaps you are a good speaker.

Destiny of 3 Wood Star

You actualize your talents when you are young because you are full of fresh energy going up like a young tree.

Since you will build a reputation at a young age and early take the highroad to success,

It tends to become self-centered or overconfident.

You’re an object of many people’s envy, and make many enemies where you do not know.

If you are satisfied with the success of your young age, your future growth will stop.

It is important to always have the energy going up to you.

A steady effort will not lead to results immediately, but by continuing it will help luck after that.

Because you are a star early bloomer things do not carry on as much as you think in the middle age, you may feel be at a standstill.

Your innate cheerful character and active fighting power will help you.

Because you are strong in self-reliance, you have the power to find the things you want and build your second life properly.

You are the stronger type to attack than defense.

Therefore, you should be able to continue to have a challenge in any situation.

Building your network will also be a great force to overcome your fortune of being at a standstill.

It is important to live without forgetting humility without greed.

That will be the key to improving the luck of your later years.

LOVE FORTUNE of 3 Wood Star

3 Wood Star has a gorgeous atmosphere like a flower and you will be blessed with a chance of love because the attention of people is high.

If anything, you are a romance oriented and approach straight to people you like.

You are very possessive and have a selfish side and will work well with a broad‐minded person who will be open to you.

When your partner cheating o you even a little, you will suddenly grow apart with him/her, so you will often experience great love and heartbreak.

In love, unless you maintain calmness, it can be a lifetime single.

3 Wood Star Women sticks to the conditions of men and tends to aim too high, but they are not afraid of getting hurt and will not go beyond high hurdles.

Also, since you have a timid personality, you do not choose partners who are opposed to the surroundings.

You are good at being sweet to someone and 3 Wood Star Men has some kind of fate to older women.

You are rather an early-married type. Romance can find a person that suits you well better than matchmaking marriage.


You have strong aspirations and superior in sense of reading the currents, so you will stand out from a young age.

You are the stronger type to attack than defense. Therefore, when you are in good condition you can get good results, When you encounter failure or frustration, your feelings will be lost.

It is crucial to create an environment that will help you when you are in trouble.

Because you do not like to lose, if you feel some rivalry with someone, you will become a little out of place from the surroundings and will be isolated.

Because there are some aspects that you are not in action easily if It doesn’t make sense to you, it tends to cause trouble with the surroundings due to that.

Be aware that brute force methods and self-centered thinking will also reduce surrounding support.

Your strength is to be independent.

Please take responsibility when you are given a project or department.

It would be right for you to do business yourself.

Suitable occupations for 3 Wood Star are pastry chefs, cooking researchers, interpreters, announcers, critics, voice actors, singers, composers, veterinarians, dental hygienists, securities firms, and financial services.


It is economically blessed since you were young that you have a somewhat loose aspect in terms of money.

It is your character that money comes and goes strongly.

So, you can build goods well by saving them securely when money comes in.

You can make your fortune by saving it securely when money comes in.

If you wear the habit of saving money in a planned way, your luck will stabilize throughout your life.

It tends to waste with impulse buying and showing off, dragged by curiosity and spending money.

Because you are a type that is so obsessed with anything, be careful if you are interested in gambling and speculative items.

Please do it after recognizing your sense of money.

In the field of money, pursuing only profits and dividends, the ups and downs of money luck become intense.

You have a high ability to read the future and to gather information.

Therefore, it is good to operate assets with steady equity investment, investment trust, etc. after doing solid research.

Avoid high risks and high returns, please keep in mind steady savings such as funding and time deposits.

You gain luck with acquiring money by making good use of your field of expertise and your special ability.

LUCKY COLOR of 3 Wood Star

Your lucky color is dark green and green.

Your lucky direction is east.

The Compatibility of 3 Wood Star With Other Stars


1 Water Star tends to fall in love with charming 3 Wood Star. 1 Water Star should be passive in order to get along well with 3 Wood Star who is a talkactive……




2 Soil Star is a shy person and is passive. 2 Soil Star is at the mercy of 3 Wood Star and they can’t keep with. 3 Wood Star tends to make 2 Soil Star tired……




They have a glib tongue and has too much pride, but they will go well even if they have a fight. Even if they have a quarrel, they will heal a relationship……




3 Wood Star’s sense is similar to 4 Wood Star’s, so they will be able to accept each other’s emotions. They can share their joy and sadness with each other……




3 Wood Star needs 5 Soil Star to make beautiful flowers blossom. 3 Wood Star is drawn to 5 Soil Star while being difficult to get closer with 5 Soil Star……




3 Wood Star who has too much pride and 6 Metal Star who has a fighting spirit will not get along well. 6 Metal Star who is a stubborn person and 3 Wood Star who is selfish meet passionately……




3 Wood Star and 7 Metal Star are flashy, love colorful things, and have similar characters. They tend to misunderstand that they are compatible at first because of making a good initial impression……



Both are assertive stars. 3 Wood Star and 8 Soil Star seem to have opposite things at first glance, so at first they are attracted to each other……




3 Wood Star and 9 Fire Star are curious and selfish. Because they think only of themselves, they can understand their feelings……





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