【9 Star Ki】2 Soil Star:Personality, Destiny, Love, Career and Money

Who on earth are you? What kind of fate do you have? Everything has been decided since the moment you were born in this world! Why do not you look at yourself that you do not know? Junka∞Akitokimi is preparing a way of improving your fortune to make you more happy. People born in 1935, 1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998, 2007, 2016 are a must see! By the way, a person born in these years is called 2 Soil Star!!

Personality of 2 Soil Star

2 Soil Star is the earth that affectionate to all things.

2 Soil Star is a soil of a field that grows plants, and for its growth, you will keep feeding nutrients patiently in any weather.

Even if plants wither or are washed away due to natural disasters, you will not stop growing up.

You are tenacious like the soil of the earth, a person who can make it your own pleasure while taking care of many people.

You will not like being at the front end.

You are great team player, working behind the scenes to support the other members.

Being highly evaluated for your skills, you find favor in a person’s eyes.

When listening to a person’s story, you look firmly at the person’s eyes and keep staring straight at the time of talking.

And you are full of spirit of compassion so that you have the nature of giving and caring.

You will be in touch with people with affection like a mother.

You shower you with affection, but if that affection is too strong, that person will not be able to become independent.

Furthermore, because you will tie loved ones down and interfere with him/her.

Be careful as your pertner becomes suffocated or heavy.

It is natural for you to concentrate all your energies into something other than yourself.

This will lead you to grow yourself.

You are a caring person and you will not be able to overlook people who need help.

Trust that you got from such surroundings is your property.

Destiny of 2 Soil Star

To grow plants, keeping steadfast efforts is the basis for great success.

Let’s keep making an effort from your young age.

And if you do not neglect this, you will be gaining credit with honesty and loyalty.

You are the type you want people to recognize that you are doing your best.

So, those who will praise you well, who will give support will develop your talent.

The youthful efforts will bloom after middle age, and you will get what you put in.

By receiving someone’s assistance or finding favor with somebody, you will be great success.

In difficult situation, you better not to manage to do anything by yourself, it will be lucky to live with reliance on people.

You rely on older people and people who have money, and your life will stabilize.

Dedication is two sides of the same coin from your success, and your life will be more fruitful if you have subjects to raise.

Assistant is perfect for your work, if it is organization, it is vice president type.

because of your having a nurturing side, you will be in a position to training the young.

However, you are lacking in determination, so you can not decide at the right moment, often missing your opportunity.

Your problem is whether you can decide when you have a big decision to make.

Life is something that will be completed with the accumulation of current experiences.

You are a late blooming star, and are a a late bloomer type that is active as Number 2.

It is better to refrain from trying to appear before a person because of headline-seeker as older age, take it easy, and be dedicated to help support behind the scenes.

being out there pushing hard, the luck of your late years will go down.

Your star is a star that will not develop if isolated.

For that reason, let’s interact with various types of people regardless of his/her age, sex, title, nationality etc.

By doing acts that will benefit others, success will come over to you and you will grab the better luck in your last years.

LOVE FORTUNE of 2 Soil Star

Your worthy character will be the same in love.

First of all, you build a relationship of trust and slowly growing love.

You are not passionate love type, you are not good at asking out him/her or approaching positively, you tend to be poor at love.

However, if you are in too modest attitude your feelings will not be conveyed to him/her, love will not be fulfilled.

It is a trick to grasp the happiness that making indication of intention clearer.

Also, it is fine when you are doing well, but when you want to break up with him/her, your indecisiveness will backfired on you.

If you can not decide end the relationship easily, you will miss the opportunity to make new love.

If you like someone, you will devote love and will be family type who will do everything for him/her.

Rather than searching for the object of your affections, there are many opportunities of good relationship in introducing from people.

As you are stability orientation with regard to marriage, you will not take actions that would lead to misunderstandings or accidents to others.

You are good at looking after someone, Sometimes he/she feels like he/she is suffocating when it goes too far.

It is important to keep a reasonable distance.


You are a type of career advancement by continuing a steady work for a long time.

You will do the work done steadily and give peace of mind to the surrounding people.

By aiming for a specific field tenaciously, confidence and ability are provided.

So, let’s set direction and goals quickly and avoid repeatedly changing jobs.

If you learn skills and qualifications from a young age and find your way early, you will bear fruit after the middle age.

You are not a leader role who issue instructions, take a leading place in the company, and is a vice president with a good sense of money.

You are an ordinary citizen who has warm heart, so you will be a good adviser to guide and train your staff.

But there may be times when you can not decide if your benevolent aspect comes into business.

In order to achieve results at work, it seems that prompt response is required.

You are good at giving and caring, so it is suitable as an educator.

Occupations that are suitable for you are nurses, nursery teachers, kindergarten teachers, care workers, care managers, nutritionists, directors, screenwriters, zoo keeper, accountants, tax accountants and handicraft craftsmen.


Because 2 Soil Star is a worthy character, you are type that is good at money management.

You can find your own pleasure even in a modest life, and you can make ends meet financially well.

You keep a household account book and have a sense of money that can be accumulated.

When you are young, you do not have a bond with money, Please refrain from expensive expenses and save up steadily.

In your early days, you can not get enough income and may have a hard time, but your experiences will improve my sense of money.

It will be gradually easier from the middle age, gaming property with real estate, you will be blessed with money luck by having side jobs on the soil.

Since you are not suited for getting rich quick, do not dabble in speculation, start speculative sophisticated money management and gambling.

Let’s operate assets with safety first.

Do not forget that the investment for making personal connections will be food for the future.

However, because you have a personality that you are caring and can not miss anyone who is often troubled,

There is also the danger of getting damaged if you become guarantee for your debts easily.

The courage to refuse every request for money is also necessary.

LUCKY COLOR of 2 Soil Star

Your lucky color is golden yellow, Camel color, Black, Cream color.

Your lucky direction is southwest.

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