【9 Star Ki】1 Water Star:Personality, Destiny, Love, Career and Money

You don’t know exactly what you are. Your native ability, charm, love, career, money, and so on. Let’s divine more about “yourself” to walk a more happy life! People born in 1927, 1936, 1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008 and 2017 are a must-see! By the way, a person born in these years is called 1 Water Star!

The personality of 1 Water Star


1 Water Star has the only water energy in the life star.

You are a behaviorist who can respond flexibly in every situation.

You are active and a person who can give heal, Stability, and hope to the surroundings.

You look soft, but in fact, you are stubborn and will never give up on what you decided.

You are good at negotiation, but secretive, cautious, not a type that opens your heart to anyone.

It takes time until you talk with someone, you are cautious about getting along with others.

You can associate with untrusted people.

But you will show your inner face to those who you can trust once and you will not betray them.

You are a person who has the tenacity and perseverance to grow as you live.

You have the flexibility to change freely to everything and have strong perseverance.

You can put yourself in his/her shoes and you can take action to adapt to each person.

You are pretty sociable and many people like you because you change the way you speak depending on who you are talking to.

If you are alone, your character will change, you will be lost in thought and become depressed.

For if there is something unpleasant you will stay in your shell. Then, you think of unnecessary things and think too much about everything.

Thinking carefully means that you are thinking so that you can learn knowledge and activate intelligence.


The destiny of 1 Water Star


Your Destiny has the characteristic of clearing difficult problem solutions and growing in it.

You tend to be away from your parents and hometown and live life in many ways.

When you do not have the goal or direction of your life, you may not have the ability to actually accomplish or may experience some setback.

But once you decide your dreams and plans for life, your potential will come up and you can demonstrate your power at once!

Thence, you make a great effort to make your dreams and goals better than anyone else.

No matter how small your dreams and goals in your life are, they will make you happy!

You will grow up to be jostled in the crowd in your life.

What you need is to have a big heart and seeing everything from a broad perspective.

So you can change little by little with patience( that is also your character!), flexibility, and much knowledge.

Because you have the character of water, you will often be on the front stage from a young age.

There are features such as athletes and artists who excel in one art.

You can improve your fortune if you have a wide range of relationships. If you treasure people, you will be accepted by many people and will fly away.

However, when you are young you can not demonstrate your ability, grades and so on will temporarily drop.

By overcoming its hardships and difficulties you can stabilize your later life!

And flexibility is important to get a calm late age.

But if you act flexibly with the convenient request of people, you suffer a loss because you use wasted energy.


LOVE FORTUNE of 1 Water Star


You live out love with your beloved one from the bottom of your heart even if you take a long time.

You can not usually believe people, and you are cool and calm even if you are in love with someone, so you will always miss the opportunity.

But once you like her/him, you will be devoted to her/him. So, your jealousy will be pretty strong.

You can not usually act with boldness. But because you require her/him that he/she like you as much as you like her/him. you will brave the storm at that time.

Forcible actions will not work positively. Since it may cause the relationship with the other to get worse, let’s be careful.

You have a cheating side, but even if you get hurt by a transient love, you will recover quickly.

There is also the possibility that you will get married if you stay out of compassion.

Since you are not particular about the shape of marriage, there are many cases of de facto relationships, weekend marriage, and commuter marriage.


CAREER FORTUNE of 1 Water Star


You are good at changing yourself according to the environment.

So, you are a type that can do anything with dexterity and work well with people in the workplace.

You are blessed with the talent to grasp real interests and are good at handling business tactics coolly.

And you are good at socializing

Even if you do not have much experience, you are the early-bloomer type that becomes famous or your achievement on the job is highly evaluated.

you turn into a perfectionist when you decide on your goal, and you can work tenaciously with difficult tasks.

However, because you are also confident, you may suddenly lose your status and honor if you forcibly ignore the surroundings and force yourself.

It is important for you to spare no effort to get people to understand.

The work that is suitable for you is work related to water and customer service.

Fisheries/fishery relations. philosopher. Retail trade. restaurant. engineer. banker. A diplomat. Dietician. swimming.




You are steady with money, so financial difficulties will be less.

You will be steadily saving money and you will be able to cultivate property on a steady basis over time.

Even if you are blessed with money when you are young, the ability to manage money is really good!

But if you are too careful about the details, you will not be able to save up money.

If you invest in a company, people, business, etc. that you admit, you can build unexpected wealth and wealth.

Also, encounters with people become a big chance, there is also the possibility of being blessed with money luck.

You will succeed in accumulating property and money by taking good care of people!

Nonetheless, even if you get a large amount of money temporarily, there is also the possibility that money will go out soon like flowing water.

Speculative asset management that aims for getting rich quickly is not suitable for you.


LUCKY COLOR of 1 Water Star


Your lucky color is light blue · white · dark blue.

Your lucky direction is north.



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