【9 Star Ki】8 Soil Star and 9 Fire Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

8 Soil Star and 9 Fire Star Love Compatibility


8 Soil Star, who is hardworking and sincere and 9 Fire Star, who falls in and out of things quickly, has completely opposite personalities.

Because they each have something the other is missing, they are attracted to each other, inspire, each other and acknowledge each other.

9 Fire Star will take care of 8 Soil Star.

8 Soil Star can make a request of 9 Fire Star without restraint

8 Soil Star brings out the best in 9 Fire Star’s and 9 Fire Star can develop through 8 Soil Star.

They can recognize each other, even if they have a quarrel, they can build a relationship that they are tied with abiding love.

8 Soil Star had better soothe 9 Fire Star with comforting words.

It is easy to make up even if they have an argument.


8 Soil Star and 9 Fire Star Marriage Compatibility


9 Fire Star’s sharp tongue may hurt 8 Soil Star.

Even if 9 Fire Star and 8 Soil Star have different views, they should discuss and solve the problem.

If 9 Fire Star is a husband and 8 Soil Star is a wife, their relationship will be even better.

They should have consideration for other’s feelings and grateful feelings.


8 Soil Star and 9 Fire Star Friendship Compatibility


Because 8 Soil Star and 9 Fire Star completely understand each other’s thoughts, it is easy to ask a favor.

But, if they don’t be a clingy relationship, they can stay together for so long.

8 Soil Star and 9 Fire Star don’t get emotionally involved, get in touch at the right time and they can build a good relationship.

8 Soil Star and 9 Fire Star should get along as friends rather than spending their time on many things.

If 8 Soil Star/9 Fire Star always takes care of 9 Fire Star/8 Soil Star, they should show their appreciation.


8 Soil Star and 9 Fire Star Business Partnership Compatibility


8 Soil Star had better bring out 9 Fire Star’s potential.

Unless 8 Soil Star understands that 9 Fire Star has too much pride and deal with it well, 8 Soil Star will get into trouble.

8 Soil Star should accept how easily 9 Fire Star gets excited but soon calm down.

If 9 Fire Star can have the ability to take action and 8 Soil Star can display persistence, they can give satisfactory results.

9 Fire Star is supported by 8 Soil Star.

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