【9 Star Ki】7 Metal Star and 9 Fire Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility


7 Metal Star and 9 Fire Star Love Compatibility

7 Metal Star and 9 Fire Star are gorgeous star and see things a lot differently.

They like to cut a dash, will be attracted to the physical appearance, and will start to date.

As time goes on, 7 Metal Star will feel to have a different way of thinking from 9 Fire Star.

They don’t understand each other essentially.

If 7 Metal Star criticizes 9 Fire Star, they will break up.

Unless 9 Fire Star can ignore 7 Metal Star’s sharp tongue, they won’t get along well.

If they are not thoughtful about each other’s feelings, it is difficult for them to stay together for so long.

7 Metal Star and 9 Fire Star Marriage Compatibility

If 9 Fire Star is a husband and 7 Metal Star is a wife, it will go well.

It is important for them to have a big argument.

7 Metal Star had better not use strong words to 9 Fire Star.

9 Fire Star and 7 Metal Star should find a common hobby, focus on one thing and it is necessary to make efforts in order to be shining stars.

7 Metal Star and 9 Fire Star Friendship Compatibility

7 Metal Star will be hard to get along with 9 Fire Star.

They may be sometimes tired of each other, so it is essential for them to maintain a certain distance.

If there is a great gap between the views of the two, they will feel ill at ease, when they are together.

7 Metal Star and 9 Fire Star Business Partnership Compatibility

9 Fire Star and 7 Metal Star have different policies and methodologies for work, so they can not make good progress with the work.

Therefore, it is important to avoid critical words and enter into a world of each other.

They need to keep a certain distance and need to remember a cooperative stance.

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