【9 Star Ki】7 Metal Star and 7 Metal Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

7 Metal Star and 7 Metal Star Love Compatibility

7 Metal Star and 7 Metal Star like something colorful and like playing.

If they are close to each other, they will become increasingly wayward and they will often have a quarrel.

Because their love looks flashy, people around them may think they are a frivolous couple.

this couple can enjoy sweet love, but they can’t make up their mind whether to marry or not.

If they are serious relationship, it is important for them to have patience.

7 Metal Star and 7 Metal Star Marriage Compatibility

It is important for this married couple to calm down and to think about their future properly.

They can understand their feelings and they know quite clearly what they think.

They may feel it’s bother. So, be careful.

7 Metal Star and 7 Metal Star Friendship Compatibility

This combination is good for playing together, but they may not be a close friend.

It would be better to ask 8 Soil Star, 2 Soil Star and 5 Soil Star, who are down-to-earth.

7 Metal Star and 7 Metal Star Business Partnership Compatibility

Because they understand each other, if they build a trust relationship, they will be strong partners.

But they should be careful to cut corners on their work.

So, it is essential for them to work on their goals until they achieve them.

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